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Pain contract test in states where THC is legal? What happens?

Im due to take a urine test & recently took an edible containing thc which is legal in Washington state. Wondering if the thc shows up can they remove me from my pain management treatment?
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Hello there...  

Legal or not, unfortunately you can be dismissed should you use ANY medications your PMP has not prescribed or if you use anything other than X,Y or Z, that is included in your contract.  Did you sign one?  If so, you should have a copy.  

Here is what mine says under, ILLEGAL AND NON-PRESCRIBED DRUG USE:

"I understand that the use of any controlled medication not prescribed by the undersigned physician may result in termination of care.  I authorize the practice to cooperate fully with any city, state or federal law enforcement agency, including this state's Board of Pharmacy, in the investigation of any possible misuse, sale, or other diversion of controlled medicines.  

I authorize the practice to provide a copy of this agreement to my pharmacy.  I agree to waive any applicable privilege or right of privacy or confidentiality with respect to the authorizations.  I also understand that the use of any illegal substance, including MARIJUANA, may result in termination of care."

Oh, and in case you might be thinking of asking that the drug test be put off, here is what my contract says under, DRUG SCREENING:

"I will participate in drug screening as a part of my treatment plan.  I understand that drug screening may be conducted at least every 12 months and may be required more frequently at the discretion of the undersigned physician.  

Screening may include urinalysis, blood testing or pill count.  I agree to pay all costs associated with drug testing not covered by my insurance.  
Refusal to submit to screening at the time specified may result in termination of services."    
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@jade59 Thank you for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the contract I signed yrs ago but it probably is very similar to the one you listed. I’m hoping by me taking this edible won’t indeed jeopardize me being able to continue. I had to see a new dr yesterday whose in the same clinic bc my dr was out & this new dr freaked out on me about my meds whereas my normal Dr has always been fine & has told me she never worries about me being in compliance. In the past She herself has suggested that I try medical marijuana & has even gone so far to give me a name of her relatives farm that sells 100% CBD. Unfortunately,  the cbd gummy I ate also contained a small percentage of thc. I’ve found in order to get 100% cbd I have to go out of town/state to find any as all the stores here have some thc in it. So I’d hope she would be fine if there was any evidence of thc in my system however I’m sure she doesn’t want that on record & who knows about this new dr I just saw. It’s a bit worrisome. I have been reading all day about the new opioid laws in WA that we’re effective 1/1/19 and there’s a section in there that suggests to drs other forms of treatment to prescribe to patients & one of them is medical marijuana. So if the DR does have an issue w/all of this perhaps pointing that out to her will prevent any red flags being put into my chart. I hope anyway. Sorry for rambling.  
Unfortunately, there is a HUGE difference between your p.m. doctor prescribing medical marijuana, and your consumption of an edible .
In cases where p.m  suggests a patient try mmj, they are given a card/form completed by your p.m., and then referred to a licensed dispensary to obtain medical grade marijuana.
Even patients who have gotten a mmj card issued by a different physician have found themselves dismissed by their pain management practice because they did not obtain consent BEFORE using mmj during their treatment in pain management.
The use of mmj should ALWAYS be discussed with your current p.m. doctor before using it, to avoid any problems.
I assume you were urine tested at this last appointment? Depending on how much thc in the edible was present may well show up, and could result in failing the urine screen because the use of MJ wasn't approved prior to your using it and it was not mmj from a dispensary.
It is very important that PM patients understand, even in situations where your PM agrees with the use of mmj, it MUST come from a licensed dispensary, not a street version of mj. Reports are generated by the state and dispensaries, just like any pharmacy records and provided to your doctor. Technically, you violated the contract.
I hope you get this straightened out and strongly encourage you if you want to use mmj, to discuss it with your doctor and follow the contract to avoid any potential problems.
Good luck
If your old dr is who you'll be seeing...and who will be wanting that test rather than the new dr...then hopefully all will work out to your benefit.  Although, again, the suggested CBD must be in your contract as far as I know!  

Yes, it Is worrisome seeing a different dr who has their own way of thinking.  I became aware of the new laws (we are in CA) at the first of the year, as my husb is on morphine.  His rx was dropped off at his phar the day after his appt with his PMP, and before it was to be filled, and as far as we knew, all would be going according to plan and the way it had always been.  Wrong!  It wasn't until I tried to fill it, did I find out that as of Jan. 1st, 2019, like you said, either I could fill it for him (he was left a paraplegic after a horrific car accident nearly 4 yrs ago) but only receive a 7 day supply (while the remainder of the 30 day supply went void), pay cash, or have his dr call my husbands ins for auth for the full 30 days)...which I did.  

He needs to find a new PMP (his current dr no longer accepts his ins); something neither one of us are looking forward to since maybe a new PMP will want him off the morphine, and on to something else entirely, even though he's had all the Caudal Epidurals he's allowed with little results.  

I'm just afraid that although CBD is legal in your state (as it is here in CA), and even though your dr suggested it, the small amt of THC will become an issue...and not in your favor!  Hopefully you're right in that, even though your original dr suggested medical marijuana as an alternative, this new dr you're seeing will be cool with it, also.  Except like you said, CBD and THC, are two different things; CBD being acceptable to your old dr, but THC would need to be spelled out in that contract you signed, otherwise, you may be seen as non-complient.  

Pfft, like before the new law, things weren't hard enough, right?  

Wishing you the best of luck~

I am "legally" (medical) prescribed MJ and was urine tested recently as my final prerequisite for being hired full time at a very good Co. here in Penna.  I was turned down for this well paying, close to home job because this prospective employer's HR Rep told me "regretfully" that even though I have the State OK, they WOULD NOT hire anyone because it IS NOT Federally legal.  Anyway, my PAIN MANAGEMENT doctor secured my 1yr contract w/ PA after sending my medical records to Harrisburg.

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