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Pain from weather change?

Hello, I am not really sure where to post this.  I hope this is the right place.  If not I apologize.  I live in Virginia near Washington DC.
The temperatures have been all over the place.  From cold to now in the 70's.  I woke in the middle of the night with excruciating joint pain in my ankles.
I am wondering if anyone else has a problem when the weather changes.
I just read that in West VA on December 15th they went from the 70's one day to snow the next.
This is crazy. Well, at least to me, maybe it is normal to others.
Does anyone else suffer when the temperature take a sudden change?
Thank you
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Hi Dee,

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday and missed your post. I spend Christmas with loved ones. We welcome you!

Changes in the weather, even "fronts" that move in can raise havoc with painful joints and old injuries. It's now a proven scientific fact that the effects of barometric pressure changes on your body can and does increase your pain. That was once thought to be an "Old Wife's Tale."  Now  there is actually research published in the journal Pain, where they found an association between weather and chronic pain.  There's no solid consensus among researchers as to the cause - but the leading theory is the barometric pressure.

So yes Dee, pain is often increased when the weather changes. Sometimes I feel it too - other times not so much. It's the very reason some seniors or those with chronic inflammatory conditions move to places like AZ.

I'm sorry that you experience chronic pain too. You'll always find support here! Thanks for dropping by our PM Forum. I hope you'll do so again soon.

Warm Regards,
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I certainly feel the bolted in plate in my leg when it gets cold. I feel every bolt/screw in it sometimes, and its been about 20 years ago. So yes, temp can make a difference for some of us.
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Merry Christmas my friend!  I am happy to see you.  Thank you so much for answering.
I have never had pain in both ankles before and the only thing different is a change in the weather.
Thank you so much
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I meant to add  - You did post in the right! :o)
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Thank you so much! I knew I had asked on a bad day. Thanks so much for Answering. I woke to painful ankles. It was so odd I thought I would ask. The weather has been crazy, really warm, chilly, warm again.
Thanks again
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Our weather changed last night. I don't have arthritis - but I have owies! ;o)

I felt that weather change. We've been unseasonably warm, over 80 on Christmas. It's still warm today but had storms move through last night and my broken body felt it. You are not alone sweetie!

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