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Surgical Implants for back pain???

Does anyone know anything about surgical implants for pain?? I have been offered one for long term back pain but would like to hear from anyone who has maybe had this done. What does it entail? Was it worth it? Many thanks
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Hello Isthiscp,

I am not certain which surgical implant you are referring to? Is it the Spinal Cord Stimuator or a Pain Pump or possibly something else?

If you can provide us with more information we will do our best to offer you some suggestions.

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Thanks for the reply! Sorry about being so vague in my post. It was the Spinal Cord stimulator to which I was referring. I'm a 34 year old woman who fractured my spine (t8/t9) 4 years ago. It didnt heal correctly so I am left with constant pain in the upper thoracic region. I am due to do the pain management assessment and am interested if anyone has had this implant fitted or has any good advice. Many thanks
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Thanks for clarifying your information.

I've heard good and bad about these devices. Our archives contain some good information.

I was offered the SPS a few months back. Although I considered it I declined as I have huge allergies to ATBs. The PMP agreed with my decision. Infections are rare but they do occur. You are approaching this in the correct manner. Research and weight the pros and cons so you may make an educated decision.

Besides my allergies I have heard that sometimes the hardware can become permanent due to scar tissue build up and so forth....so it can never be removed. Among other things this interferes with some imaging procedures.  

I hope you'll share with us your experience. Hopefully one of our SPS members will view your post and offer first hand information.

Best of Luck,
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