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help to assist Pain Patients find a Pain Clinic

Are there any US groups that assist Chronic Pain Patients find a Pain Clinic that prescribed opioids ? I was sern at a Pain Clinic for years without issue. I became tollletant being on the same meds for over ten years. I asked to cut my dose but on a new type if medication. After months of complaining they wrote me a new RX snd it worked. But they said they wete giving me me final dose w instructions to taper from 97 MME to being in nothing in six weeks. They said Ai was welcome to continue w injections  I now have been w no pain medication and suffer w lumbar, cervical and knee pain. Ruptured disc, sciatica,.Narrowed nerve roots w pinched nerves , facet joints w osteo growths torn miniscus to name a few. I cant find any paincare with med management.
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Hi and welcome. Your best option to find new pain management is your insurance website. You can look up doctors that participate in your insurance by specialty.
Unfortunately, not all pain management doctors are willing to prescribe opiates to treat pain. That is left to the doctor.
Even if you do locate another PM clinic,  there are no guarantees that they will prescribe the same meds or even the same dosages.
You can also ask your primary to refer you.
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Thank you I have done that and they say they offer med management  . After i go fill out dozens of forms they tell me they no longer prescribe opioids.
The write me rx for NSAIDs despite my inability tolerate them.  I took so many years ago I damaged my stomach. I have acute GERD. I have  gone to seven Pain Clinics since July. I need Nerve Block Injections, an EMG to see if my new leg Pain is Sciatica or from a recent knee tear.
Im in constant severe pain, radicular Pain from my  C/5-C7, my lumbar L/5-s/1, torn Meniscus.
Im worn out and defeated. I live in  Boston. and find it impossible to find a  Practice that will even discuss Pain Med Management w me that might include opiates
Im on Disability so my Insurance is Medicare Advantage and I have asked for a case manager. None to date have called. Im in  . I can barely function from day to day with the non stop pain.
I will continue to search for a organization that might help disabled patients in pain find resources and care.
This is the American Board of Pain Medicine. I believe you can look up physicians in your area.
There are two kinds of pain management- interventional- which includes focusing on treatments involving injections, physical therapy, TENS, and other procedures.
The second is multimodal/comprehensive and can include medication along with interventional procedures.
The problem you are going to run into is even when you do locate a new PM , they may and usually do want to review any procedures previously done, may want you to repeat them. If your imagining is older than 6 months, you may be required to get new imaging to evaluate your current status, and then perhaps try you on lesser meds than you were on before. The new dr usually wants to evaluate you and determine what treatments he feels is the best option.
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