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hip injection gone wrong

I had a hip injection on the 14th nov 2014, and was given a local first to numb the aria before the big needle went in, after about 2 min she started to insert the big needle into my hip, and I told her this is hurting and I was feeling it going through something, she then let is go for about 30 sec and then continued, again it was hurting with a lot of pain, and I was crying with the pain, she then said that she is nearly there and just one more push, anyway she pushed the needle in to the end and it really hurt again, she then injected the cortisone, after a couple of min they took me back to a waiting room and asked if I wanted a cuppa tea, I said yes please, and with in a few sec I felt really unwell, I felt my head was being pumpt up like a balloon and was really hot and it felt like it was going to exployed, I had tingling in my fingers and toes, and felt like I was going to die, they then took me to a ward and placed me on a bed, I had the most dreadful pain ever in my lower abdomen, left/rightside and lower back, like a belt type pain, they then checked my BP etc and it was dagerousley low and they had to call for an anesthetist who came and inserted a candalor in the back of my hand, in the mean time I could not feel my feet or my legs and I had not had the use of my legs anymore, the anesthetist gave me Fentanil   pain killer which is 100 time more powerful then morphine, then I had a angina attack and had to have GTN spray which lowered my BP even more, he then was trying to move my legs and was pricking my toes and legs with a needle to which I could not feel anything, I was then rushed to a more bigger hospital where I had CT scan, and MRI and everything was ok with the scans, I was given a lot of pain killers, and had to have physo just to try and get me standing, and try to get a couple of steps from me so I could go home after spending 6 days in hospital, the consultants and the doctors kept saying it was all psychological   and that there is nothing wrong with my legs, I said I nearly died and I can't not walk for feel my legs, my legs feel ice cold, numb and I can't move them, I am home now with some equipment, they gave me a simmer frame, toilet aid, wee bottle, a perch stool and a wheel chair, but they will not give me a diagnoses, I was fine prior going to have this hip injection but no one is saying anything, so I have contacted a solicitor and ask for help, I can only think the reason they wont give me a diagnoses is because they know they messed up and do not want to admit blame, also no notes was made about my procedure, and I was not even given a pre opp inspection, like having my blood pressure checked first. can anyone help or give me some advice or as this happened to you, I really don't know what to do or who to turn to for help and advice or even how to get a diagnoses
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awww I am so sorry I dont know much about it, sounds like you maybe wre allergic to something, I certainly would keep in touch with the solicitor as it sounds like they did mess up somehow
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my goodness I hip injections on both sides year before last at the same time,  I had watched the process on you tube over and over before going.  I was well prepared for  what was to take place,  I met a elderly doctor and young assistant who was so comforting during this process.  The doctor was so gentle , but yes it hurt like heck but once done I felt myself young in my hips almost instantly. I think lasted about three months. So I went back to have it done again, it was a different doctor this time. I should have ran out of there as fast as I could, these two different medical person's changed my life for the worst. Just like you said it hurt as if the needle was going through something hitting it and the pain was unbelievable,  but he'd wait a few and keep going in, the pain was so great that he pulled out and sent for another doctor.  While waiting that's when he stated he hadn't done many of these, I was still in so much pain I just wanted to go home. An older doctor(Not the same as before)came in watched over him making suggestions on how to proceed,   I was still in tears and great pain. Once over the other side had to be done,  the other physician took over and that side went perfectly.  But the right side which the younger doctor hurt me so badly it has never returned to normal even after all this time. The pain it now is more towards my Groin and hip and follows down my leg. I can't walk as well as before I use a walker now,  the pain is never gone and is totally different from the hip pain I started with.  My quality of life has suffered so much that some times I just want to quit altogether.  I just don't know what to do now :( ***@****
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Hi Mike,
Sorry I am late to your post. I'm even sorrier to hear about your terrible experience. My heart goes out to you.

It would help to know what kind of procedure you had done? That would tell me where the medication should have been injection, which muscle, etc? Obviously this isn't a simply injection. Do you know what medications were used?

Do you have an underlying medical condition? Are you basically healthy?

Have you obtained a copy of your medical records? If not I would do so immediately - all of them.

When medical science can't explain anything easily you're often told it's in your mind. Sad! I'm sure you were just waiting to make this all up and live with the pain and dysfunction that you are now facing. Who would do this? Not me and not you!

Anyway if you can offer the information I asked about I should be able to at least be able to tell you how it should have been done - possibly make some guesses on what may have gone wrong.

There are no physicians on the site - no specialists. Some of us have a background - but we should never be a substitute for medical advice.  

I'll look forward to hearing more from you. Hang in there.

Take Care,

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