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pharmacy blocked

I have one doctor, but use 3 different pharmacies due to different prices for different meds. One pharmacy, who was to fill a cough syrup for pneumonia, totally banned me stating, we know u use other pharmacies, you are not to fill here anymore. That was the only narcotic I was getting. The other 2 were for a seizure med and a sleeping med. Terrified I was gonna be banned from every pharmacy, I went to my primary in hysterics. He said I was just a victim of a pharmacist with a "god complex" and not worry. Can pharmacies do that in CA? I will never, allowed or not, ever go to Target anymore.
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They can, unfortunately. Your complaint seems reasonable.  If the facts are as you state you should complain to the headquarters and CEO of the drug chain.
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Unfortunately they can.  I had one at walmart once refuse to refill my prescription. So I went to a locally owned pharmacy and asked how much the script cost there. It was higher and I told them nevermind then I was paying cheaper at walmart they asked how much and lowered their price, not only that but they will price match as much as they can if I know it is cheaper somewhere else. It may be in your best interest to check around and see if any in your area will do that. Sorry your pharmacist did that to you. Best wishes, Sissie
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Thank you for that info! I was unaware! I finally
got a good nights sleep after Freaking out for 4 days that I was gonna be banned or arrested. This forum has combat wonders for me! I am new here, so thank you all!
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You are welcome. I hope you can find a new pharmacy that will not give you any hassle! Best wishes, Sissie
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So its been a week or so now, my doctor didn't
even call back the pharmacy. I won't go back in there ever again, even to shop. They were rude and made me feel like a drug addict and criminal. Thanks everyone for your help!
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If you tell your main pharmacy the prices of your meds that are cheaper at different places, they might match the price. Some places will do that. Also I've heard that Sam's club pharmacy's are pretty reasonably priced and you don't need a membership card to use their pharmacy. Good luck to you!
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In Massachusetts a pharmacist can refuse to fill any prescription at any time, and don't even have to give a reason. I think most pharmacists that do have a problem filling a prescription will simply say that they don't have your medicine in stock, or even that they don't carry your particular medication in their formulary. You were smart to go to your doctor, as some practices require the use of only one pharmacy.
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Hello there! Just wanted to give a bit of input. My physician has recently required all patients that are prescribed controlled substances sign a contract that they will only use one pharmacy for all of their prescriptions. Also, if patients see a specialist or other care giver treatment must be reported to her. I don't mind complying with this agreement but if there was an instance when I was unable to fill a script at the designated pharmacy, it would be a problem. Trixie
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