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testicle/leg and neck/chest pain

For about two years now I've had a faint pain in my left testicle. Recently I've felt it is my lower left abdomen. I've recently been getting episodes where the pain radiates down my left leg. I've had 4 or so episodes in the past half a year lasting a week or so. The pain seems to focus behind my knee and in the middle of the bottom of my foot when the leg pain comes, but I can distinctly feel it going in a line down my leg. I've woken up in the middle of the night in tears from the knee pain, during an episode of this leg pain. I sometimes feel this leg pain to a lesser degree, or only for a day, other than during these "episodes".  
    I've had constant, at times quite severe, pain in my left neck for the past five years, and pain in my left chest, almost in my armpit, for the past 6 months. It is consuming my life, after countless doctors visits I've lost all faith in the medical system. back and chest x-rays came back clean, extensive blood work all normal, supposedly no lyme disease, heart has normal rhythm... I'm not sure if the testicle/leg pain is related to the neck or chest pain or if they're all something separate. they're all somewhat of an ache, although all of the pains can turn excruciating in their own way, the chest being sharp, knee a throb.  
     My life has been consumed by this pain. I've had to self medicate myself with opiates for the past few months which complicates my health (and finances!) even further, but I need to in order to keep going on functioning day-to-day, and working, but i'm in the process of kicking it.. so the pain will be unavoidable and full-blown again. I am absolutely desperate for an answer. I'm a twenty year old male who is otherwise exceptionally physically and mentally/socially healthy, from the rural northeast. Although i do experience bouts of fatigue and depression, this is probably just a result of painful sleepless nights and lower quality of life due to this pain. I'm up due to my neck at 5 am right now actually, my normal bedtime being 11-1ish. I stay active, up and going during the day, but i do sometimes spend hours sitting around at night on the computer or reading. But I'd still consider myself more active than most and no one I know, from the people who sit around all day to the extreme athletes, have similar complaints. Like I said I am desperate at this point. Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Sorry I can't help you here.  As the day goes on, more people will be on and maybe someone will have some ideas for you, though.

I will say it's exceedingly frustrating when you can't get answers from your doctor.  Have they come up with any ideas whatsoever?

Also, as much as you feel you need to, self-medicating is very dangerous.  Can your primary care doctor help you with some pain management until you get to the bottom of this?

Good luck, and I hope someone here has some suggestions for you.
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Hi Eric,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am sorry to hear about your multi-site pain. We know how disruptive chronic pain can be to our lives.

One concern is your "self medicating" with narcotics. Not only is this very illegal and if caught the ramifications are huge, it can also hamper your search for true pain management. I think you know that and therefore are working on it. Please work faster.

Though x-rays are a good beginning they often cannot reveal if you have spinal structure issues that may be the cause of some or most of your pain. Request an MRI and mention with contrast. That will provide a clear picture to begin ruling out or in the possibilities for your pain. If all imaging in clear I suggest consulting with a good rheumatologist.

In my opinion because you are young some PCP may dismiss your pain, thinking you are too young to have anything seriously wrong with your body. We know at the PM Forum that this is no always the case.

Testicle pain and back or leg pain can often go hand in hand. The trick is determining which came first. Are you have a problem like epididymitis, prostatitis, or an inflammation of your genital tract that is radiating down your leg and into your knee? Have you seen a competent urologist?  Another possibility is there is a spine issue that is radiating into your testicle and knee.

Your neck and upper torso pain could again be related to your spine. And as said earlier an MRI of your entire spine will help in the diagnostic procedure.

Please revisit your PCP and impress upon him/her how life changing and disruptive your pain has become. Be assertive and insist upon answers. If your PCP is dismissing your level of pain it may be time to find a new PCP. Remember they are service providers, they are not treating you for free. You hire a physician to provide a service for you. If he is not living up to your expectations find someone who will.

Please let us know how you are doing and keep us updated. Please stop self-medicating. Don't let that ruin your chances for pain management.

Good Luck to You,

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