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Having a tooth removed same day as marathon run. Given loratab for pain. Is there any problem taking the loratab or should I just take tylenol.
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Narcotics like the hydrocodone contained in Lortab make me less coordinated.  I avoid activities that require concentration or higher reasoning whenever possible if I need to use opioid pain relievers.  If this is your first time using Lortab, I would recommend either rescheduling your medical procedure or your marathon.
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Hello and welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum.

You may experience a lot of pain following your tooth extraction for a few days. Lortab should help control that pain better than plain acetaminophen (tylenol). Avoid alcohol and additional doses of acetaminophen. Obviously you should not drive or work with possibly dangerous equipment.

I would think twice about running after a tooth extraction, especially a marathon. Discuss this with your dentist. You could dislodge the clot that forms for healing and bleeding purposes that could cause problems along with a dry socket.

Good luck to you. I hope all goes well.
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The only problem you may have with the Lortab is feeling drowsy. It might slow you down. After the removal of your tooth, you will feel good because the area where the extraction took place will be numb. It will take a few hours for it to wear off and after that you may experience anything from a mild tooth ache to a great deal of pain...it's hard to tell.

I cannot tell you how to take your medication but I can tell you that when I had my tooth extracted, I waited until the Novocaine had almost wore off and then took a pain pill. I'm glad that I did because it really hurt and hurt for a few days.

Please take care and good luck.
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