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type of widthdraws or symptoms from Hydrocone

My friend is getting off Hydrocone Yesterday was her LAST PILL  was a 7.5 she was taking 6 a day ,she started cutting them down each day untill Yesterdar with the LAST ONE. She says she fells tired, sleepy, her muscles hurt , her neck hurts , her back hurts, she use to have a little back pain when she fell about a year and half ago, But now she is trying to get OFF, HOW MUCH longer will it TAKE , PLEASE HELP

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Hi Truth,

Welcome to MedHelp's Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your friend's struggle.  

The intensity of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms depend on the degree of the addiction. For example, hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms may grow stronger for twenty-four to seventy-two hours and then gradually decline over a period of seven to fourteen days. The duration of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms varies greatly from person to person.

As Audrea indicated if your friend requires this opiate for pain control there are ways that it can be dispensed, such as through a loved one that may be successful. However I did notice that you said she only had a "little" back pain when she began taking the medication.

Her withdrawal symptoms are typical though I'm sure that does not make her fell any better. Best of luck to your friend. She is blessed to have someone as concerned and caring as you are. Take care and please let us know how she is doing. Tuck
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All the symptoms being felt are from wd. It can take anywhere from 3-5 days of suffering where by the 5th day should start to feel better. The first couple of days are the worst and it can make you have more intense pain than you had before. It causes pain in your bones and muscles, kind of like the flu. There really are no narcotic meds including Ultram (Tramadol) that are nonaddictive. Even Ultram can be abused and will have wd's when suddenly stopped after taken for awhile.

If your friend really needs pain meds but is not responsible in taking them then someone may be able to give them to him/her responsibly to help them out, if they want the help. Other than that there is no good answer if your friend has problems while taking these meds. Any narcotic and Ultram after taken for awhile is hard to come off of and will have some wd's even when tapering, but they should be much less when tapered properly.

Hope that helps.        Audrea
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PS- I have read that it takes some ppl up to 30 days to feel better and in that time, every muscle and joint in the body hurts.
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Hello Truth:

You should really post this question in the "Substance Abuse" forum. The members in the SA forum know much more about withdrawals than the Pain Forum does. You will get a better response as well. Most of the members in this forum are dealing with Chronic Pain and do not have information regarding w/d's. Thank you,
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