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physical activities for tweens

how can i encourage my 11 yr. old daughter to be more physical.  She usually comes home from school does her homework  and goes straight to the computer or watch t.v.  I've asked her if she wants join sports, she always says no. She's a couple pounds overweight and I don't want to tell her she needs to be more physical activities because of her weight, i know  you have to watch what you say to kids this age.  I don't want her to feel selfconscience about it.  We have a trampoline and i sometimes go jump with my 3 and 5 yr. old, i call her to come in with us, but it seems she's not into hanging around with mom anymore. The only exercise she does is P.E at school 2 X a week they run 2 laps around the field.  I exercise 5 x a week on the eleptical, so I do put an example for her.  Does anyone have ideas on how I can encourage a preteen to do more physical activities without bringing up her "weight"?
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How about a swimming or a gymnastics or a dance class? I'm sure there are other options in your area which necessitate movement.  Hope this helps ...
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What about doing something with her?  Go for a walk together.  Do you have a pet that needs walking?  Turn on some music (and most 11 year olds like music, especially if you pick the kind SHE likes!) and dance dance dance.  Take her to a park and go hiking on the trails as a family.  Go for a bike ride together.  ETc.  Good luck.  (oh yeah, what about a little reward system.  She has to earn the tv time . . .)
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