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11 year old daughter with knee problems

my daughter who is 11 broke her knee cap snapped off one of the minscus ligaments right at the knee cap and the cartilage that covers the knee was torn..she wasn't doing anything except standing when this happened..she recently had surgery on Nov 30Th to repair it.her orthopedic surgeon said that with the repair he is not optimistic about the knee cap staying in place due to bone shifting and as well as tissue degenerating..is there anyone who has been through this with their children or anyone know if there is a disorder that is associated with this type of injury? she has a a few few injury's involving areas around the joints she broke her left right under the ball-joint at age 5 and she got a septic hip(left) which required surgery to drain the hip and 6 weeks of strong antibiotics and the newest is a broken left knee can there be a connection to all these?
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I am doing some research about this and will be back if I find anything.. I am not ignoring you, we may have a forum on MH ,may cover it better .
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I see you found the ortho and sport med forum    i have found a site may be able to give you more information     www.niams.nih./gov/Health_info/Bone/Bone_Health/.../default.asp  
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