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8 year old- anaemia and unusual blood test results

I have an 8 (almost 9) year old daughter.  Since the beginnng of the year, she has been tired and exhausted- crying about being tired before and after school, so tired she hasn't done any after-school activities like ballet that she loves.

After a couple of months I got a pathology request from a Dr, then it took a few weeks before my daughter agreed she felt so sick she wanted to do the blood test (she's had bad experiences with fainting and vomiting from them in the past).

So the results came back iron deficiency anemia. She had this previously when she was diagnosed with coeliac disease 3 years ago. But that improved with her gluten-free diet.

I'm not happy with the Drs response of 'take an iron supplement for 3 months then do another test'! Then maybe a dietician.

Why?  Because you could not get a child that eats a healthier diet of green veges and lean meat, legumes and fruit. Her diet is not deficient in iron! We have started on the iron supplement though and she is feeling a bit better.

BUT- The blood test also showed

- low white blood cells (nuetropenia)... as has every blood test she has ever had
- low blood sugar ( the dr assumed she must of fasted for the test, but no, she had eaten breakfast)
-high biliruben
-high cholesterol (she is tall and lean, not overweight)

My daughter currently has her 3rd cold in the past 5 weeks. She gets really sore stomachs (she did have a stomach ulcer 2 years ago, so I worry about her getting another one and it bleeding).  Her upper arm has been aching a lot the last few weeks, but hasn't been injured.

It seems like there is something else going on with her.  Do these blood test results give anyone any clues? It's sad watching her be unwell, but not knowing why.  And having to wait a few more months until we get another blood test is frustrating!

Thank you for any advice or suggestions!
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You should look into Wilson's Disease. Some of the early symptoms are similar to coeliac so they may have been attributed to that when it wasn't actually the cause.
Also, if she is having trouble absorbing iron then diet may not be enough, if she feels better when taking the supplement it's probably better to keep her on it.
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