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Chronic Stomach Pain

My daughter is 8 years old. She has been having stomach pain since December. She gets a strong pain around her belly area and then vomits which she then feels better. She complains of nausea almost on a daily bases but doesn't vomit until she gets the strong pain. I have taken her to the doctor and they referred her out to a gastroenterologist. They did and endoscopy and a colonoscopy and said she had thrust on her esophagus. They treated it but her symptoms continue. They have done x-rays and an ultrasound and said that everything is normal. They gave her medicine to treat it as gastritis but nothing has helped. They then said that they think she just has anxiety due to school. She has been on vacation for a week now and she continues with her stomach pain and the severe abdominal pain just occurred and she vomited and now feels better. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what other tests can be done? They have also done blood work and show that she's just slightly allergic to shrimp, which she doesn't even eat. Please help. I feel helpless and my daughter continues to have these symptoms.
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Thanks for following up. She has gone to get her tonsils removed at the beginning of June and the doctor said that they were very infected and had a lot of pus on them and enlarged. They said it could have been the drainage from that that was causing her stomach issues. She has only had 2 episodes of stomach pain since her removal and no vomiting. We are so glad she got her tonsils removed and she seems to be doing better!!
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How is your daughter doing? I have a son with a slow digestive tract and chronic issues. What's been going on with this?  Any update?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp and our forums.  Thanks for your question. We are glad you are working with your child's doctor and urge you to continue to do so.  One possibility to look into is abdominal migraines which are not uncommon in children. https://www.webmd.com/migraines-headaches/abdominal-migraines-children-adults#1.  Take a look at the article.  

Kids are often hard to diagnose because they have a hard time telling us exactly what is going on. You appear to have ruled out gastrointestinal issues.  The abdominal pain, queasiness and then vomiting seems to fit the profile of abdominal migraines.  

We hope to hear back from you for an update.  
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