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I'm in desperate need of help for my 4 yr old daughter

I really need some advice about my 4 yr old.... Let me start off by saying she is one tough little girl and not a complainer by any means.... Aw had tonsillitis so bad last yr her tonsils were swollen to her uvula and covered in pus spots and I wouldn't have had a clue if I didn't notice she sounded funny.. She didn't complain or anything... The doctor said she's probably had issues all her life just got used to it.... So now that you have some background on her I'll get into the issue at hand...

So about a month or so ago she randomly started complaining of sharp pains in her belly and she threw up undigested food 12 hrs after consuming it... I took her to her doctor and they insisted gastroenteritis... Now since then her appetite has changed terribly.... She used to eat any and everything.... Now she'll go 2,3 sometimes 4 days that I can not get her to eat and all she wants to do is sleep... Then she'll have maybe 1or 2 good days where she's herself and she'll eat... But just recently I have noticed that her stool is extremely solid and extremely pale looking and it's been almost clompletely white once or twice... Idk how long this has been going on cuz I just noticed it but when I asked her she said she's been pooping white for a while.... She first complain about her belly hurting anymore but idk if she just got used to it... She has also had a slight fever off and on since this all started and she's never once had a fever prior to this not even when teething... And her fever temps range from 99-101....and she also developed a nasty cough about 3 weeks ago that we can't seem to get rid of....

Can somebody please help me here give me some advice or suggestions on what is wrong with her.... I'm tired of being told she has a stomach bug no stomach bug lasts this long.... ANYONE WIH ANY ANSWERS IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.... Thank you
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Call the doctor and tell about the white poops.  She should be checked for more than they have checked her for up to now.  I think clay-colored or putty-colored stools are a serious symptom and should be taken seriously.  Keep asking, get a GI or internal-medicine specialist.
Thank you so much for your advice... I did have her checked and all testing came back normal liver enzymes blood cell count urine test bilirubin everything... But she was diagnosed with severe chronic constipation... They said she had more than 2 months worth of stool backed up in her which made her feel full that's why the lack of appetite and the wanting to sleep so much because it was so draining... An it wasn't that she wasn't pooping at all but she was only pooping very little at a time... The doctor said she was so backed up her intestines and bowels were stretching and swelling... She said she can't understand why my daughter wasn't doubled over in excruciating pain.... That she has no idea how se was able to even function let alone being singing and playing... We had to do a total system flush out she had to take 8 caps of mirilax in 32-64 oz of liquid in about 4 hrs and she was popping at least every hr for about 12 hrs or so but now she has to take 1/2 cap of mirilax twice a day for at least 6 months and then we're going to see if she can have normal stool without the laxative
Google "encopresis," it might help you understand the situation more fully.  I'm surprised they didn't do a flush at the hospital for all the compacted stool.  If there is a further issue, don't bother with the regular pediatrician, ask for a consult with a pediatric gastroenterologist.  
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