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Persistent painful spot on daughter's ankle

My daughter is currently 11 years old. Several years ago, when she was 4 or 5 a painful spot developed on the outside of her left ankle, located in the soft spot just forward of the bony ankle bone bump. The only outward evidence of any abnormality is a small soft bump, about the size of a penny. She calls it her "foot spot". Any touch to the spot, even light pressure, causes her intense pain. In the past few weeks, she has complained of an increase in pain and sensitivity in the foot spot, and sometimes even just walking now hurts her. A year or two ago we asked her pediatrician about it and the doctor didn't have an answer, suggesting she might grow out of it. Another doctor that we have talked to that practices more on the naturalpathic side of things has suggested it might be related to her type A personality, and stress/control issues. I feel that it's time to seek more specialized medical attention, but am wondering where to start. I have done some preliminary research but have been quickly overwhelmed by all of the available information, much of which does not seem to apply to her. Thoughtful, professional input would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I do know from experience that you can get cysts on feet and hands , they are not usually painful ,sensitive maybe ..Has your daughter stress/ control issues ? I wouldn't have thought there was a correlation between the two...I think that you should seek further help to get an answer. On Med Help we also have expert/doctor forums so you may want to check out the list ...good luck
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Meant to add that on the Doctor site there is a Footcare/podiatry forum
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I would take daughter to see a specialty Dr.
anything in my opinion should be checked out especially a growth like this a bump . especially if it doesnt go away and is painful to touch it.
Make an appt with a podiatrist since its on her foot ankle.
And if a dr. tells you not to worry and you arent happy with their answer then see another Dr. If a dr doesnt know the answer they should find someone that does Just my opinion. Good luck and please keep us posted :)
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