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3 wks. post rectocele repair still feel rectal discomfort

Hello, I'm wondering if it's normal to still feel rectal pressure and discomfort 3 weeks after trans-vaginal rectocele repair. It was a large rectocele at 3.5 and extended pretty high up my vagina. I'm just looking for some reasurrance. Would it be normal for my rectum to feel sore and sensitive for a while? Thank you.
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Hi,  yes, it is VERY normal to have rectal pressure and discomfort 3 wks out from surgery as the tissues are swollen, and will be for many more weeks. I felt my surgeries had failed so many times over the first 6-8 months due to swelling and water being retained in the muscles they healed...as soon as you think it's all gone count on this feeling coming back as soon as the sutures begin to dissolve and your tissues have to step up to take on what the sutures were holding and then again each time you add a new activity over the next several months...this take A LOT of time... be patient and when you feel pressure, swollen, achy, tired or heavy in the areas it is your body saying rest...so put your feet up with your knees elevated above your hips to make the pelvic floor muscles have to relax. So for now try to not panic...it takes a full year for the tissues to be completely set so really tune in and listen to your body! If you have questions please ask....been through this many times with surgery and it's pretty similar in the healing and swelling, discomfort...the nerves will begin to wake up causing some zapping or burning...this is all part of the process...but always ... if in doubt CALL YOU DOCTOR!!! But don't panic! Hang in there!
I am 5 days post op from Posterior Repair as well. The first 4 post op days were filled with the rectal pressure. Tons of Epson salt sits helped, and recommended by my Physician. On the 5 post of day, the rectal pressure is gone, and now my vagina aches.  Lots of rest with a pillow under my knees. My Pelvic surgeon warns 3 weeks to get relief. 800 Motrin helps more than the pain meds believe it or not. I had  Cystocele repair last year. It was a breeze compared to this. I was warned by the surgeon. I am a nurse and knew what I was in store for. Good Luck!!
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I agree with ipurr2 that it is very early in your healing curve and that you will have swelling for some time yet.  Full healing is said to take 12 weeks with stages of improvement along the way.
Many ladies ask the same question for the above reason but if you are worried contact your Dr and explain to them how you are feeling and if necessary get an appt.
I wish you success and healing.  Remember not to lift anything and to rest as well as do some walking but dont over do it.
Let us know how you get on
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Thank you ipurr2 so much for your answer to my concern. I'm now 4 weeks and had 2 very good days this week but now back to same old pressure and discomfort. Reading your post helps so much. I guess I just need to have some faith. The difficult thing is that I had pressure and discomfort before surgery in the rectum and I guess I thought I would feel a big difference right off after surgery. My surgeon seemed to think that if I still felt this way after 6 or 8 weeks then maybe I should do biofeedback. Thats because a GI doctor had me do an anorectal manometry that showed some indication of muscle disfunction but at the same time, my surgeon has said that the test results for that were not that bad and we should wait and see. I had a colorectal surgeon who also put doubts in my mind that this surgery would work. I think my best bet would be to trust my surgeon who I think did a very good job and try not to worry about every ache and pain. Thanks so much for helping me. As time goes by, what would you suggest for pain relief when I'm having one of those bad days.
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UKlady, Thank you also for your help. It's so hard to be patient and wait. I was mentioning to ipurr2 that I had several doctors who put some doubts in my mind about whether this surgery alone would be all I needed. I also had some urogyns who agreed with my surgeon that the rectocele surgery should solve most if not all of my issues. On bad days, I just need to try not to worry but believe more good days will follow. This is a tough surgery to recover from completely. I also mentioned to ipurr2 that I had had 2 really good days this week. When I have a day that's not so great, like today, I start the worry machine. Thanks so much. Both of you ladies are great!
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You are welcome.  It is completely normal to worry about the outcome when you cant feel improvement, however, like you say you are having better days now so dont over do it and try to keep as positive as possible.
Good luck for your healing and come back to us at any time
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the dr.'s make it sound like we will be healed from our surgery much much quicker then the reality of the healing time...it takes a full year for everything to be 100% as well as it will be so I have gotten to a point if I have surgical intervention I try to not worry and see if rest alleviates symptoms...it usually does so then I know I am moving too quickly back to my normal...but if in doubt it is ALWAYS ok to call your Dr. as they can take a look and let you know if it's swelling and your repairs are holding or not...Healing is truly hard work and takes lots of time...you may hear people say things like " I was back to my normal at 2 wks or 6 wks or whatever" chances are pretty good they either don't remember the worries (which is great) or they will end up back on the table for getting back into life too soon...so it's best to really tune in and feel what is going on in your body and if it's heavy, swelling or discomfort....rest...if it's pain or the other issues don't resolve after some rest definitely chat with the dr. keep on healing...You only get one chance to heal well so give your body the time it needs to do so!
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