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Do I have a Prolapse at 18 because of menstrual cup?

Hello to all,
I am 18 and I have been using the cup for about 4 cycles now. I mostly used a soft cup that would often leak so I changed to a harder cup with more suction. Since removing the cup at the end of my period, I can feel my cervix sitting very low in my vagina. I can say from 1 to 2 knuckles away from the entrance. I normally have a relatively high cervix and could rarely feel it with my fingers. I don't feel any pain or discomfort but I'm worried I might have sucked my uterus down my vagina and created the beginning of a uterine prolapse.
It's been bout 5 days since I last removed my cup (which I won't use again).
I have, since then been doing Kegel exercices to try and lift up the Uterus out of the vagina, but I'm scared it's not enough and I might end up making my condition worse.
Should I be worried and check an OBGYN?
Can Kegel help my situation improve?
And will pushing the Uterus back up cause harm?
Can my body correct itself, since I'm quite young for a natural prolapse (child-birth / age) to occur?

Personal stories to share or a professional's input?
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