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Fusarium infection in lower abdomen

I am an 49 year old male living in Finland and I have a Fusarium infection somewhere in my digestive system. I got the infection around 2017/2018 from my previous apartment because of a water damage which means that I have been forced to live with this for over five years now. I’m writing this story so that others suffering from this same infection could get help.

There was a water damage somewhere in my bathroom and I knew that there’s also some mold around since breathing was difficult and my throat became dry. Sometimes it got so dry that I had to to drink water to take the pain away. Unfortunately I accidentally flushed spores with that water deeper in my digestive system and apparently they found a place to live in. I can’t pinpoint the exact location but the pain is in lower abdomen between belly button and my right hip. 

In the beginning of 2018 I noticed that I had unpleasant feelings/pain in my stomach and I felt tingeling feeling when urinating. I went to a doctor and all kinds of tests were done but the cause wasn’t found. At that point I didn’t know what is going to happen next:

In the spring 2018 I noticed that other people seem to cough and sneeze unusually lot around me. I was still living in that moldy apartment so I assumed that these people are reacting to the mold because I have it in my clothes and hair etc.

I moved to another town and apartment in July 2018 and I thought that now I will get rid of this problem. I threw away all textiles and took only hard surfaced furniture (cleaned with vacuum cleaner and chlorite) in to the new apartment. Nothing changed. People continued having symptoms. When the situation was bad a trip to local grocery store made around 20-40% of the other shoppers to cough and sneeze and it wasn’t due to a flu season. At that point I realized that I was infected with the mold but didn’t have any details yet.

In the spring 2019 I sent my urine sample to Great Plains Laboratory (USA) to be analyzed for mycotoxins in order to find out what mold I am dealing with. I got the results back around May/June and there were 4 different mycotoxins in significant amounts: two of them were produced by Aspergillus and Penicillium which is not surprising since they both are so common in almost all buildings. But the remaining two gave the answer: Zearalenone and Enniatin B which are both produced by different Fusarium species. Since those mycotoxins are very toxic and allergenic even in low quantities I got my answer. And since other peoples symptoms increase if I get swetty, it means that these mycotoxins are coming (is oozing the right verb?) through my pores with sweat. By the way - these mycotoxins are odorless atleast to human nose. Determinining the right species cannot be done based only on these mycotoxins since there are species that produce both of these and species that produce one of these. If I had to guess my answer would be Fusarium Oxysporum because of the water damage.

My problem is this: I know that there are medicines (Voriconazole?) for this illness but I’m not getting them since Finnish doctors refuse to treat me. They are telling me that I am just imagining all this and that I have a mental illness although some of them got symptoms themselves. I have no underlying illnesses which would explain why I got infected. My immune defence is so good that I don’t even get sick with flu.

Proving that these mycotoxins are coming out of my body shouldn’t be difficult since mycotoxins can be measured in indoor air by analyzing the air sample with gas cromatograph. There might even be electronic sensors nowadays that are able to recognize these mycotoxins. Since the mold fungus is in my intestines it means that spores must exist in feces which can be grown for identification of the exact species.

If you are suffering of the same illness you can improve the situation with these tips:

1. Oxidization: the fungus doesn’t seem to like oxygen so for example long walks in fresh air works well
2. Diet: mold fungus uses carbohydrates as nutrition source. Cut off all sugars from your diet and reduce the amount of other carbohydrates. This is actually same type of diet bodybuilders use before competition but since it leads to significant weight loss you just have to find a balance that suits you. But no sugar.

So the mystery is solved but I have zero  chance getting the medicine I need. I hope that the rest of you live in countries where you can get medical treatment and that have doctors who are willing to diagnose ilnesses solely based on facts.

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Have you found a doctor who might help? I think you can get the medicine off the web (get around). I have PATM for so long I've given up on mainstream doctors.
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No, unfortunately I haven’t found a doctor who would willing to cure this infection but I’m still trying to find one. I have recently tried to contact doctors abroad in several countries but no one has shown any interest yet.

Do you know any reliable places I could get Voriconazole? There’s just a couple of problems:
- how can I be sure that the medicine really is what it says on the package and not some rat poison instead
- if I start self medicating and get cured other patients will not get any help since this case is not officially documented and published

Before I got infected I always thought that all professionals gladly accept new information if it concerns their own profession. Now I realize that it doesn’t apply to all professions.

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This happens to me too.After showering reactions are lot.I also think its a fungus stomach infection.This is what i believe:

Taking into account **** and patm studies others experience and tests and the fact Japanese doctors treat is as candida heavy metal intoxication or leaky gut,and also my personal experience as i see that patm is mainly in cavities(mouth nose anal),and in regions with high vascularization many veins and arteries lots of heat and sweat as i see that after sweating and raising arm i got instant reactions.ALso when i speak i get instant reactions.I think the main cause its fungus infection+leaky gut,dysbiosys and a few others maybe.Newer studies talks about candida GI tract infection as SIFO.Little is nown about SIBO/SIFO as first diagnose of SIBO was in 2006 and still to this day many doctors never heard of it.Sugar causes inflammation but it feeds the candida to produce as well.My opinion is that after stopping eating sugar,candida or fungus will decrease,but without proper treating it,it just regrows.They are very difficult to treat sometimes.IF anybody did any test for igG markers or other types of fungus and can cofirm,leave your information here.I see PATM as this:its a chemical/molecule that its either in the lungs or in the intestines and mixes with intestinal air,its airborned so when we expire talk or fart we will eliminate intestinal air with the chemicals.The give allergic reactions to people,so it must be a substance that causes allergies.I think the whole body is envoled,so the molecules are present in the blood too and we excrete them by sweat.This is why sweating increases reactions,drinking coffee will stimulate the heart beat rate,so blood flows faster and we sweat more,we detox more while blood is faster.Same with anxiety,the body is in fight mode so very alert,sweating,heart rate beating,adrenaline pumping.More sweat more toxins excreted by the body which will give reactions.As for,i believe doing fasting will increase the symptoms early days,same as running sweating,detoxing lots of toxins.But if the main cause creating the toxins is not eliminated,fungus as i said,it will regrow,it will continue creating toxins and will build up in time again.So you continue to detox,but toxins are still present but not as before.

Older studies shows about fungus infestation in cases of immuno defficiency,but i believe it can be caused by antibiotics too or other things,mainly due to gut dysbiosis.The irritant molecules must be very small.Like allergens(dust pollen) which are airborned,they stay in the air,even the allergens from cats/dogs which comes from the pets saliva stays in the air because they are nm small.Some dont stay in the air,it deppends on its density.My guess is that we are like cats/dogs...we excrete the allergens which are very small and stays in the air.

What is humidty?Its high levels of water,molecules that stay in the air.So you can say its water in the air.My guess is that you are right,the molecules we excrete stays in the air and probably they bond with the air.This is the rason why reactions comes mainly while speaking from intestinal air.They bond with the intestinal air too or they are too light and just airborned by air.

My theory is that,while they are very hard to treat,if intestinal tract is implicated,a strong microbiome is needed so after treating it the fungus dont regrow.I have read a paper of a doctor working with young children having candida infections,and after weeks of treatment after stopping it,they suffered from reboud,their levels increased again,the fungus regrowed.

Can you say what tests did you do for the infections?

For now i found these tests as being good in diagnosing it:
OAT test(organic acid test)-check for fungus marker,bacteria markers,krebs cycle markers and mitocondria activity markers+ others
Microbiome test(GI map)-for intestinal good bacteria marker and dysbiosis or others
igG-checking for candida or other fungus markers.
For leaky gut:lactulose manitol,zonulin,igA secreotry but they must be combined for better acuracy and even then not very good accuracy.
Maybe SIBO test.
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I have never had water damage in my house.The apartmenr was fully renovated  2 years ago and because i dried some clothes in the winter  in the house and not opwn the window i guess the humidity raise and i got mold spores in wall.I also not dried properly the washing machine which might have developed spores too.I called guys checking with thermals this spring,they said there are no leaks no things to develop mold.

So even 1 year after moving you still had micotoxins present in urine?And i guess to this days if symptoms still go on?
Hello, what you are doing is an accommodation of x theory that is not complete to your hypotheses.
At no time did the Japanese who presented a possible cause as something true, only mention that in the tested patients they spread x chemical substances and not bacteria, which is possibly the product of skin bacteria or intestinal bacteria, or also cannot be a specific bacterium, The same writing also mentions that these chemicals are secreted by people with a lot of anxiety and stress. In short, the saying Dr Japones says nothing more than to clarify those points, he does not assert anything. There is no real detailed study of the PATM, unfortunately we are thus adrift, just like the vast majority who went to the doctor, they sent them to the psychologist, even to the psychiatrist.....
On the other hand, after consulting several sources and the same doctors, they assert that if there is some type of fungus mold in our body with such a capacity to affect, well, we would have to be on the verge of dying, mold does not remain static, it spreads throughout the body until it creates cancer and in a short time, for example candida, which is frequent in women where it systematically infects the body, causing short-term failures until it leads to death, the child that you gave as an example did not stay there, death in a few years, basically any infection or alteration of this type of infection leads to the deficiency of the body's defenses, for this reason I say that it is not possible that we have mold fungus in the body intestines unless it is some alteration of the bacterial flora that In the short term, it would not lead to complications.
I repeat: there are no studies that say that PATM is completely real of its existence, there are no guys.
There are only publications like many saying that he found a cure and that in months he comes back and says that the same thing continues or worse, or that they themselves recommend trying something and that he himself has not tried it yet.

So take things easy, I know that having PATM is serious, it basically locks us up, so that it doesn't lead you to total madness, many on this forum self-medicate antibiotics and others, the only thing they get is to get sicker or get to have candida due to the abuse and misuse of antibiotics, be very careful.
Don't fall into despair.

BEWARE, not only the pollen or the chemical release of the bacteria produced by the cat create allergies, they are not always allergies, but they are chemical products such as mining, in my hometown I have an abandoned mine steelworks nearby, there when the Rain falls to the place where the metal was purified (destroyed boilers, etc.) certain types of toxic chemicals emanate and there some people react with allergies when they visit, that is: they cover their noses, cough, clear their throats, etc....

I do not disqualify the theory, but try to be careful when taking information.
Thanks greetings.
Well,there many thinks to talk about patm.There is one study conducted in Japan about PATM which its not concludent,ofc.But there is another  study conducte by Aurametrix  for PATM and more for microbiome.In Japan i am aware of 3 doctors who treats PATM.Koinishi clinic,another clinic i dont know the name of and a general doctor that treats patm.info.Both 3 believe to be an intestinal problem,fungal problem or a detoxification problem from heavy metal intoxication.I tried talking with more PATM,i saw that some had somewhat kind of a mold infection.Im a medical student and i want to clarify the terms.Mold is reffeered to an outside or inside house fungus.Candida or other human fungus its not  called mold.Studies say mold as its outside fungus can never live in human body.But i really doubt it.Lets be clear,PATM is not a recognised term by medical community,the same medical community who disagree the term of systemic candida infection and deny the notes of other doctors that noted patients can develops allergies to their candida.Medical community dont take serious the fungus problem,even the human one candida,its not taken very serious.Doctors are rare informed about the term SIBO nor to say about SIFO,so many never heard of them as these are newer studies and newer diseases.Sibo was first diagnosed in 2006,its that new.The infection with a fungus,lets talk about the human one,is also very rare and little is known about,because usually a systemic infection is produces as older studies say by immuno defficiency like in HIV,siphilis,SIDA,Hepatitis,Leukemia etc.Usually developing a systemic candida infection as to that will lead to death.Oner article on nbcimed talks about 100%  death rate and only  56 cases from 2001 to 2005 documented about the fusarium infection.Low cases of systemic fusarium infection.Didnt check for candida.But the newer studies talks about a milder infection due to antibiotics course,SIFO,small intestine fungus infection.When we talk about sifo we talk about candida or other fungus human .As i said youd say human mold infection is impossible,but here the OP talks about fusarium infection,ive seen some tests of other patmers igG tests and they had positive for fungus.One test ive seen was possitive for a black mold but not too much spread.But ive seen for penicilinium and cladosporium results 14x and 20X times higher than normal.So both mold from outThere is no approval from medical community,yup,they believe us crazy,dont know if there will be soon as i said,there are little cases which are either high in severity resulting to death or very low.I guess the mild ones are us,the patmers.I dont believe we are immuno defficiency as the this fungus is not spreading like crazy probably and this is why igG are high so as micotoxins because its there.We breathe mold spore every day,body is used to protect against it,but it is not made to delete it.Its like getting sick by flu,without treatment you can die or live based on your immune system.With treatment the immune system fights much harder.Its also the same with micotic infections.Having a micotic infection to feet or whatever wont probably ever get better just by itself.THe skin right there is infected by the fungus and the body is used only to defend against not to destroy it after infestation.So without proper treatment the fungus micoinfection stays there.Fun fact,you usually develop feet micotic infection as that is more humid enviromental due to socks lack of air.proper place for fungus to grow while skin is not defended.Same i guess for the SIFO and our infection,after antibiotic or other immune system problems,with a bad microbiome,the gut is succeptible to the infection.THere can be multiple causes,even low stomach acid that will lead to a fault microbiome and infection.So,yes the documented studies until now shows a systemic fungus infection leads to death,so in theory it would be impossible that we have that.Maybe the systemic infection is not the right term,but we might have a mild infection of the GI tract.

My guess is that the spores micotoxins or byproducts of the yeast uses leaky gut or the instestinal air,it binds with it.Its like cat allergy.THe allergy isnt the cat.NO.ITs the allergenic molecules on their saliva.FUN fact there are treats for cats/dogs to lower their allergenic saliva.I guess same here.Talking about allergens,it depends on their size,some are very tiny and flow in the air,while others are high in density and will stay on the ground.Mold spores as i said are tiny and travel in the air everywhere we breathe them every day.Abou the mold we have and their spores,idk.Its a substance,molecule for sure we elimiante by sweat and by intestinal air that triggers allergy.Which one is the exactly,so we know the chemical formula for it.IDK.Be it spores or somme substance like ammonia or acetaldehide or other compounds.

About how these works this is my theory.I think the whole body is envoled,so the molecules are present in the blood too and we excrete them by sweat.This is why sweating increases reactions,drinking coffee will stimulate the heart beat rate,so blood flows faster and we sweat more,we detox more while blood is faster.Same with anxiety,the body is in fight mode so very alert,sweating,heart rate beating,adrenaline pumping.More sweat more toxins excreted by the body which will give reactions.As for,i believe doing fasting will increase the symptoms early days,same as running sweating,detoxing lots of toxins.But if the main cause creating the toxins is not eliminated,fungus as i said,it will regrow,it will continue creating toxins and will build up in time again.I guess sugar gluten have a thing either because it feeds the mold so it starts reproducing and emititng byproducts or because of the inflammation process.The inflammation might spread the fungus.Same for fasting.

Feel free to post here test results for igG igM igA of candida(serum),igG of other fungus types as well.Or other micotoxins tests.Antibiotics will kill the microflora damage the intestinal wall and will leave untouched the fungus.So less body protection more ways for bad bacteria and fungus to grow.I think what we think its possible its possible or almost possibleThis is also hard to diganose and treat.You can also try to test the histamine levels as i guess we ourselves are allergic to our own mold,the histamine  will raise as the allergic raction is contanst,like asthma but a mild one.
Very usefull analysis i find there are:
Microbiome test
SIBO is good too(optional)
IgG(immunoglobulin G) you can test with this for helicobacter or other stuff too.
Histamine to corelate for the allergic reaction(triptase and doa,not sure for these)
Micotoxins test sounds really good,if the OP can provide us link.
Write down the feedback of the tests so we confirm it even more or maybe there is something else.
I have tried to post this comment twice already but they haven’t come through. This time I’ll try without direct link: I ordered a mycotox test kit from Biolab (UK) but they sent the urine sample to Great Plains Laboratory (Kansas, USA) to be analyzed since it’s actually their test. Great Plains Laboratory has changed it’s name to Mosaic Diagnostics and you can find the test on their website with a name ”MycoTOX Profile”.

Keep in mind that if there is a water damage in your current apartment these mycotoxins may show up in your urine whether you have the infection or not. My case is simple because the water damage was in my previous apartment and not in the current one.
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Nice analysis. I also think it is gas/toxins coming out of body that cause people to react but not sure about what causes it.

By the way, when toxins were found in your report did doctors suggest any treatment?
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No, doctors simply ignore the results and are trying to get rid of me by doing psychiatric diagnoses.

There’s a couple of things I left out of my story because it was already quite long so here they are:

Tips about diet and oxidization: although these had significant positive impact on my condition they were not enough to cure me completely. I was almost a year on a low carb diet but when my weight dropped to 63 kg (I am 187 cm tall) I understood that I must start adding some carbohydrates to my diet or I will starve to death.

Air humidity: If air humidity is low people are having less symptoms. If it starts to rain or I take a shower people are suffering more. I can’t verify this since I don’t have the equipment needed but I looks as if these mycotoxins are able to bond themselves with water molecules in the air and travel efficiently with them. Another explanation could be that the water molecules slow down the decomposition process of these toxins making them more efficient for a longer period of time.

I just cannot understand why doctors and scientists are so reluctant to accept new information when it’s handed them for free.
I’ve also noticed a correlation between humidity and my patm symptoms are usually worse on a rainy day or after showering. I assumed it was from the chemicals in shampoo and soap as well as chlorine from the water.
I think the reason why it’s worse after showering is because our pores are more opened which causes more reactions. That’s my theory
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