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I cured patm

Yea so i cured it and i ******* told you stupid ass mfs and none of you listened to me but if this is the first time you are hearing this then go read my previous posts about patm but in short i dried my hair and my skin and i cured patm but i noticed i change the color of the water when i set the water to high pressure and i let it bounce off my hair or body into a cup and the water is grey or blackish if you want my help then add me on snapchat at my medhelp username i will be checking the medhelp forum anyway because im pretty sure i cracked the case since i fixed my patm and i will be a voice of reason since i wont have the emotional instability that many patmers have
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I used to have it for at least 45 years until I started educating myself. I'm free of it for over a year now. I can meet you if you would like if you don;t believe me. My wife is no longer allergic to me and neither are my kids/pets. This was a gut issue for me anyways and I know everybody is different. Good luck my friend.
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Yea well youve had it for years and ive had it for months so i have no idea what patm would be like years in the future
Good to see you doing well Ray.  Always nice to hear some good news.  FYI.  I used to go by helpsavemykids on here.  I deleted that account about 2 years back.   I go in and out of the diets and it’s noticeably less reactions when I’m eating well, but never gone.  I also know your willing to meet up to back up your results.  You were willing to meet me a few years back but I was the one unable to make it.  I live in Las Vegas now.  Got ran out of Northern Ca. By the fires.  So if your ever passing through im 5 min from the airport.   Take care Of yourself and family.
That’s what’s up!!! Great to see people getting better. I know a while back you mentioned visiting the dr and suspected it being related to mold and spores I would like to know your thoughts.  Also what  specific resources that you felt was the most impactful that has help your journey & that can possibly be impactful (any particular books, articles, YouTube, etc.) Again, your gave me hope that I and everyone else  in this forum can beat this BS
I can totally see it being a gut issue, I went from a good diet to eating MacDonalds almost every day in my college years.
Probably caused unrepairable damage to my gut.
I've had it for about 15 years and it seems to feed on oil.  In my case it feeds off oil on scalp, so the "dry scalp" theory i.e. remove oil from scalp may have some merit.  My particular type produces ambient noises:  anything from cracking (like a snap) to full-blown booms that sound like somebody dropped a safe.  My theory is that it is some type of fungal infection that combined with wifi produces electromagnetic disturbances that cause these ambient noises.  I can temporarily eliminate the noises by using a demagnetizer (the kind used for watches that run fast) on my scalp.  The demagnetizer disrupts the electromagnetic fields produced by the fungal infection.  I know this sounds wack  and stranger than fiction.  The amount of energy that the fungus produces in combination with wifi can be astounding.  I don't want to say more because a) I sound nutty and b) this will be worth money some day.
Hi soiledsystem. It's not strange. Many people don't know that candida and mycotoxins are not the same. Mycotoxins are much more poisonous.Candida is fungus,yeast but mycotoxins like aspergillus niger,aflatoxin,stachibotrys,penicilinum candida are black and white mold(mould). Black and white mold increase histamine and mast cells in the body. I had all of this on bioresonance test. And bioresonance test everytime shows too much electromagnetic radiation on the body. Too pity that I work on computer. But bioresonance food intolerance test shows which are problematic foods for me and helps a lot and I'm allergic to antibiotics.
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Stay away from cooking oils like canola, peanut, corn, vegetable, grape seed. All this crap is genetically engineered and cause high levels of inflammation in the gut. (Makes leaky gut and PATM worse) The problem is that it's in 90% of the food found at the grocery store. Be selective, read all the labels of packaging, research all that scientific wording and find out what it means. You'll be surprised what the FDA has approved for consumption. They are trying to kill us, thinning the herd, reduce the world population. Why would the government allow such chemicals in our food which is banned in other countries. Stay away from fast food, they reuse all those cooking oils i mentioned above. Use avocado/olive oil. Make sure it comes in a dark glass container cause they are mixing them with Genetically modified oils.
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The gut is tied directly to all the major organs in the body. It affects your mood, your energy levels, thinking, sleep. Here is google search for you

Gut bacteria also produce hundreds of neurochemicals that the brain uses to regulate basic physiological processes as well as mental processes such as learning, memory and mood. For example, gut bacteria manufacture about 95 percent of the body's supply of serotonin, which influences both mood and GI activity.
Great to hear Ray. Very happy for you. I’ve had PATM for about twenty years and it started when my gut problems started. I recently found out I have a blockage near my IC valve and an intestinal fistula which is causing my gut to be leaky. I very much think you are correct. I’m going to go for a consultation for surgery. If I can get the problem areas removed then I could possibly rebuild my gut. Also my gut test confirmed I have high amounts of h.pylori and ecoli among other bacteria.
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I think the fungus we are dealing with is aspergillus Fumigatus. Does anyone know how to kill it ? Please leave as much information as you can and what you have found about it.
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All i want is someone to lay out all the evidence in favor for the theory that the gut is responsible for patm
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Ray any follow up to the mold that you found during testing  a few years ago?
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It happens that there is no theory or an accurate interpretation of what PATM is, for example, you say that you dry your skin and scalp and the Patm decreases: I have dry skin and my scalp and even so I have PATM. From my point of view, I refer to the mental in the sense of being in a mental state X for a long time. As a result, our body transmutes an effect, something like stress anxiety that, when it is for a long time, tends to present a real effect on the body such as hair loss. On the other hand, the mental helps when you control your emotional states that modify the emission of heat and its subsequent emission of particles from your body through some type of gas, it may be that or not, because for sure they are speculations theories since they are not We delve into the subject itself to argue to substantiate such theoretical hypotheses. On the other hand, I know that the alteration of the skin due to the excessive use of chemicals can lead to your PH being unbalanced, giving way to x or a mite inhabiting your skin and emitting certain types of chemicals that irritate your skin, that's why it exists high neutral and low PH hams, for example you have the intimate parts of women where, in the face of an aggressive use of strong soaps, this can give way to candidiasis or some other vaginal infection. Due to my experience prior to the PATM, I used to use laundry soap to remove the smell from my armpits, I used it to experiment, even sometimes I used it for my hair and entire body, all to experiment, that was before the PATM. This last theory may or may not be the cause of PATM. We all have different bodies, different defenses better or worse, some are susceptible to contracting a certain type of illness, whether emotional or biological, so specifically, nothing confirmed to affirm what PATM is, what it causes or the cure itself , we can suggest options, however you have to be very, very careful.
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It may also be some paranoid delirium, unfortunately since we are the carriers we can say what it feels like, it becomes complex to say truthfully what causes such an effect to treat.....
Yea but i laid out all the evidence in a very logical way so my rational was good

This PATM crap is being generated in the gut. (Antibiotics, Stress, inflammation, poor eating habits/food) Some of it gets released thru the anus but then due to leaky gut, it also gets absorbed in the blood stream, makes it's way to the lungs, skin and other parts of the body  where it's expelled. That's why people are allergic. Stop eating sugar, carbs and dairy. Eat more fiber, vegetables, chicken, salmon. Exercise, keep your stress levels low and try to keep the body inflammation to a minimum. Do this for three months and you will start seeing changes.
Ok but prove it

Alex_gu256 : You saw that we are in the same, as I said, no hypothesis theory is true until it is proven, In my previous writings I already explained, I did my way under the Patm, but of course, I do not eliminate it 100%, sometimes yes. If you read well you will see that I am not saying that my theory and hypothesis is true, I am mentioning what they could be, how they could help you, etc.
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