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Have you guys noticed that you increase the temperature of rooms you’re in?

I’ve noticed that I make rooms hotter with my presence. In our apartment the temperature is set to 70 F but continues to be 80-85 F. This wasn’t a problem before I moved in. I get a lot of comments when people enter closed rooms I’ve been in for awhile such as “why is it so hot in here?”
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Yes people have said that while I’m around, that why is it so hot in the room. I used to think that maybe they’re heart rate would increase while around me which would cause them to heat up. But I’m not sure. That was my theory. But you could be right.
When I leave and reenter my room, I always notice it's hotter than the rest of the rooms. Yes, people feel hot around me lol
the removal of oxygen from the room makes it feel stuffy and hot.   I don't believe it's the actual temperature.   it can also causes confusion in others after about 5 minutes in closed off room.  
i havent monitored the actual temperature.  I will start based on smellyorus statements.  
fyi.   I tried a charcoal respirator and still received reactions.  I know it's coming from my "exhale" the strongest.   but even with the respirator it did not change the final outcome.    it is going to end up being related to sound and sight also.  I wish I could post videos here.   to show what I've done so far.  I can 100% tell you this is not just something we got from eating bad.  
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I get that complaint all the time about heat but I doubt I manage to increase the room temperature enough that it can be measured, then again never tried to measure it so who knows.
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Yea I actually don’t think it can be measured. My AC might just be broken. Lol. But still, point stands.
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Oh My God yes.  What other symtoms do you have. we might have sonethings in common
A lot of people have increase mucus production around me, then you hear them clearing their throat. People cough lol. People get sleepy/tired around me. People sometimes get sick after being around me.
Thats me. :( at least its Good to know i am not crazy. 1 tip Use candid cream for your feet the insider part i found out thats the worst place that this thing cones out of. at least it kind of decreases
What’s the insider part of the feet
the kind of white part lol not littrally inside ( Here in our country we just call it the inside feet ) i think thats why i confused u
Smellyours: - ''A lot of people have increase mucus production around me, then you hear them clearing their throat. People cough lol. People get sleepy/tired around me. People sometimes get sick after being around me.''

This is absolutely true. And this is the main reason that makes me believe we have a H.Pylori infection in our respiratory system.
Or could be in the esophagus also. My consistent consumption of marihuana, even if I'm 21 years old, makes me believe I somehow damaged my immune system and this is the ******* response from my body...

I guess I'm ******, but will continue to live it like that.
I share these symptoms as well. Some how our bodies seem to throw off heat when we drink something that we are not suppose to (coffee, liquor, etc...). Stress can activate it as well and people feel the heat coming off us when they stand in the vicinity. I use to think it's crazy, but I now see that I'm not the only one.
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