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Some Updates on PATM

I am continuously experimenting with diet to see what actually makes the symptoms worse and what help reduce symptoms.
I recently tried to follow low histamine diet and seems like it correlates with PATM symptoms.
For example: tomatoes, banana, nuts, dairy, etc. all the histamine increasing foods. And they make PATM symptoms worse. Try looking for low histamine diet on internet and share your experience here. I think Low histamine diet reduce symptoms.

One thing I discovered is PATM gas makes people feel hot. It gives hot flashes to people around PATMer and themselves.
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Dairy free
Gluten free
Whole foods
Cut out processed food entirely
Stop cooking with oil
Don't use a microwave to heat your food
Reduce time spent on your phone or other devices
Improve quality and length of sleep

Following this has reduced reactions drastically for me where instead of the whole office clearing their throat every 30 seconds, I get a few people clearing their throat occasionally and a lot of people having nil reactions. My neighbours down the street no longer have continuous reactions to me.  I am not sure which of the above is mostly responsible for this but it's working for me
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