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Patm.. help me

If anyone has overcome or cured patm, please share the method. Reishi made things worse. I'm taking the medicine for sibo and the smell is gone, but the reaction is still the same. People cough, sneeze, spit out phlegm, or scratch their throats and hot. I have fungal candida antibodies, so I'm also. But the patm is still there. Will it disappear if I take the medicine longer? What's the reason I'm so curious.. Ammonia was also detected when the OAT test was taken. I'm about to try glutathione and NAC nutritional supplements. Guys please share some PATM remedies or mitigation.  There is no Helicobacter pylori. After I got COVID-19, I took antibiotics, and my patm gradually developed..
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Unfortunately there's no single remedy that works for everyone. You have to experiment and figure out yourself.
Try modifying:
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Meditation
4. Sleep

Good Luck.
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Do you have any update?Also,would you mind sharing the test for OAT and candida or other test resuls?Personally ive done the next tests:
-candida test

From the test i was found with high bacteria overgrowth(klebsiella,escherichia and citrobacter).The microbiome test mentioned i might have liver disease and i most likely have sibo and leaky gut with dysbiosis.The microbiome test mentiones probably lack of absroption of nutrients too.

The micotoxin and candida test were negative

From OAT i was found with low mitocondria function and other disorders like liver one.The OAT test also mentioned low absorption of nutrients.I was found with low glucaric acid(it states it indirectly shows p450 citocromesactivity from liver.)Also i had low metilation levels and somewhat at minimum range piroglutamic acid that shows glutation levels.Now this is intersing.In a study publshied about patm this year they talked about toluene emission from patmers being high and that it might be a problem of liver p450 activity..I was found with low p450 activity.From normal blood tests i was also found with high limit of transaminase that might be fatty liver,which microbiome test also indicated.I used to have a normal liver so something happened,but what is interesting is that my tests are in line with the study as i have some liver problems,pure detox seems to be the case.

From what i talked with a lot of people,as lowering symptoms works through diet and other similar ways,it looks to be a problem of gut(be it sibo sifo or leaky gut).

Im currently taking treatment for the bacteria overgrowth in the intestnes,i finished 5 days of antibiotic buti dont see any difference.Im looking forward chaning my eating habbits and checking again for the bacteria.

It would be helpfull if youd share your tests and experience.
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Taking nac and glutathione didn't make it any better, but what I was able to reduce the reaction was taking digestive enzymes for every meal and taking a pill of oxy powder before bed. I woke up in the morning and apologizedDrink vinegar with water and drink at least 1L of water a day. Still, there's still a reaction, but it's less severe than before. I took a variety of liver tests, but it came out almost normal. I think it's a deciphering problem or a bowel problem. I've been taking the sibo medicine (antibiotic, antifungal medication As we switch. I'll update it again if it's okay because it's completely effective later. Thank you for sharing the results.
could you tell me which brand of oxypowder do you use ,please.
I'm just eating to help with bowel movements. Take the one with magnesium in it. I don't recommend products. Because I'm not completely better after eating this.
For now its the casual pattern-gut related.If the PATM study is right(tested on 20 people with patm) and its a liver metabolization problem,you can have no liver bad results.Ah btw,testing my transaminase again all were under limit but one of them was very close to limit 47 limit being 49.Liver might look okey but whats happening actually is that the liver enzymes are not working,but only someof them,might be a genetic thing too,so maybe the enzymes are only 50% working.Getting bad microbiome can result in deactivation of the enzyme.

In theory taking digestive enzymes will help digesting food better so if you have leaky gut the undigested food wont travel by blood  causing probs.Same for laxatives,if you take laxatives and force the intestine to expel food faster,undigested food wont have time to ferment and get absorbed through leaky gut.All these reduce inflammation and i think it may affect liver to as it needs to transform all these
Magnesium is closely related to several enzymes in the body, perhaps this is why taking medications containing magnesium can help
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Dairy free
Gluten free
Whole foods
Cut out processed food entirely
Stop cooking with oil
Don't use a microwave to heat your food
Reduce time spent on your phone or other devices
Improve quality and length of sleep

Following this has reduced reactions drastically for me where instead of the whole office clearing their throat every 30 seconds, I get a few people clearing their throat occasionally and a lot of people having nil reactions. My neighbours down the street no longer have continuous reactions to me.  I am not sure which of the above is mostly responsible for this but it's working for me
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