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Just stop drinking milk and eating wheat also avoid anything that contains them. Don't forget me in your prayers.
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Faaris so can we still eat like milk and wheat after a long time not eating them ? Or patm will come right back when you eat milk and wheat?
Patm will come right back on the same day.  Your diet should be lactose and gluten free just try it you ain't got nothing to lose
Hey Faaris, so has your PATM just gone after you stopped eating lactose and foods that have gluten in them.

Second question is how long did it take before people stopped coughing etc.
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Hey faaris.What do you eat now? I do some tests and milk and gluten is allergen for me. But it's intereting if we can drink almond milk for example.
I never tried almond milk not even lactose free milk. My tip for you is to quit milk
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Hii faaris man I think this stuff work but eggs too u can’t eat them
But brother so we can’t eat any gluten or milk for our whole life?
Because I think that after a long time not eating any gluten or milk our organism can start back processing them ?? It’s a lack of enzymes I think??
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