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PATM or Hypersensitivity to ElectroMagnetic Radiation?

Hi Guys
I have been a sufferer of PATM for around 2 years and it has severely affected my life. I'm sure everyone can agree the emotional stress that this brings is unbelievable. Through my studies and by visiting 10 different specialists, reading this forum and doing my own research I do believe I have found the answer to what PATM really is.
I have found out only recently that I have had work in an environment that is high in Electromagnetic Radiation this is generated by high electrical currents from equipment which I work close by, its also found in any products that use electricity, high voltage power lines and mobile phone technology.
My theory is that if you are exposed to long term effects of this it actually gets enough into your own body that in a sense you become electrically charge and in a sense your body is contaminated with this radiation then as we walk around this energy is emitting from us.
This energy does dry out peoples throat, mucosa, even intestines and stomachs causing people to rub their eyes, cough, sneeze, scratch etc.
Unfortunately EMR is everywhere but if you do avoid using mobile phone devices and keeping away from high electrical appliances the symptoms can improve but in todays society this is easier said than done.

Can everyone respond to see if you also suffer the similar things as I do gastro issues, skin issues, headaches, muscle twitching if you do then along with others having reactions to you (PATM) if so then we are on the same pathway.

Also can you confirm if either you live near mobile phone towers, high phone user, high voltage power lines, or high current electrical equipment at work or home? I believe these are the triggers to our problems and you have been exposed to those over a prolonged period of time.

Does this theory work for everyone, does this make sense please do your own research around radiation and its effects and check out Hypersensitivity to Electromagnetic radiation there is actually a condition know as this which is not medically accepted as yet in many countries but in some there is momentum for this.

Cheer up everyone half the problem of this PATM is understanding it and putting in place precautions to avoid this going on.
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I agree that there is something to what you're saying. I find that whenever my arm brushes a certain, I feel static electricity. I also notice that I am attracting dust. No matter how much I clean, the area around me is quickly covered in dust. And it's in my clothes. When I shake out my clothes at the end of the day, dust flies out of them. Another thing, I can't wear anything scented. Even a small amount smells like I used a ton. Fragrances are strong and lingering on me and they cause allergic reactions in myself and others.
This is very close to what I have. Think there is different forms of this crap. I don't make people cough and I don't smell. But I itch and see other people itch around me and in cars around me. I believe it's the metals in cigarettes, work the tattoos I got and electronic devices. Our bodies are like a magnet and dust with a negative or positive charges are a tracked to us. It's some kind of ion exchange and we have to much of something or to little. Ions are not barred by walls or windows that's why people itch on the other side of glass or the car next to you. An ion is fast as electricity can travel and if the right person has that opposite charge of that pitiful are ion that's released its a dominoes effect through out the whole store. I have this and feal it's something about metals inside me or electrostatic redial ion crap. Walk in to wall mart in electronics well I can feel itching getting worse just like using this damb cell ph. My hands and face itch.
Any news please let me know. **** enough to drive you mad.
Tried probiotics and crap no good.my email ***@****
Dust is not what you think it is , a single dust bunny can form slime mold nets. These are the thin line that looklike spider webs but arent. Kepp dust out of your home. you can message me for more info
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*I meant brush my arm against surfaces.
Chelation therapy has anyone tried this. I was reading up on metal toxity. Some people are alergic to nickel that's in cell phones computers, flat screens excetra. I make others itch, not cough and I don't smell like farts, think that's a different form of this patm.
Anyhow I am gonna look into getting this done, I guess a doctor hooks up an iv on a drip and this is supossed to rid the body of toxic metals.I believe we have or been exposed to much metal. In cigarettes in water ect. Now that we have all this crap in us it's so hard to get it to stop. Metals have a positive or negitive charge and we are like magnets and keep pulling in metals from are bodies. For instance I take a shower clean up real good. Go for walk with no wind and come back and take alcohol swab and wipe my skin, that swab is dark as dirt. Or I walk in wall mart in the electronics I can feel and see others in a icing frenzy. Some people are worse than others. My son can't stand to be in the car with me, he goes into a itching fast bad.
Anyhow while I write this my hands and face are itching from this damb cell ph.
My email is ***@****
Please let me know if anyone has tried this Chelation Therapy. Good luck my fellow people.
Oh I've had this for 4 months now and I had this 4 years ago.
4 years ago I went to jail about 18 days in jail I noticed it was gone. The food not being able to smoke no electronics anywhere and not being exposed to sun. Something about that being jail isolated what was causing this and allowed it to go away. I think but who knows.
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Know here's on thing I was sleeping around a high wattage power lines when this happen and when I first came around I always started to smell a smell but I guess it was light when I told people they act like they couldn't smell anything but it was also around a big sewer like layer but I get static shocks a lot at work throwing bottles for disposal it feels like electricity is all over my body or something but it is something on us
Love the details, it was the plastic grocery bags that surprised me most, in their ability to shock me when I was full-blown. I worked on a computer 80 hours a week back then...
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I have heard that heavy metal toxins can make EMF sensitivity up to 600x more noticeable. Maybe we are only sensitive because were poisoned with heavy metals?

But, i agree mainly with what you're saying. There is definitely an EMF component. Do any of you guys find that your body produces this vile, potent, burnt wood smell especially around your face? I cant wash this smell off, its like some chemical compound. Smells similar to ammonia, hydrogen sulfate or something toxic

This supports your thesis. And sometimes people very far off react so it must be some kind of radiation.
My bdy heats up around computers, stoves, and I dont ave menopause. Would this oxy owder help
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Yes!  Heavy metal toxins would make sense to me. If these toxins are amplifying the effect of electromagnetic fields, this would be the missing part we were searching for. Also I've heard of Candida being released by the body because it binds heavy metals. In addition the body is able to deposit heavy metals in the fat storage so this would explain why it often becomes stronger if we are losing weight.
Whats the solution to radiation
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Is there a solution to radiation besides staying away from devices
I think we are finally onto something. I have had this going on for 15 years. Way before I remember there being a name for it. I've researched this for a very long time, and have always thouget it had something to do with a gas we are releasing caused by some type of bacteria or a parasite. I have had these symptoms forever and didn't think it would ever be figured out. I actually think that this does make some sense, as this is the first time I've ever posted anything about it online. My symptoms: gastrointestinal problems, itchiness, burning eyes, yawning, attracting dust anywhere I go, can't go anywhere without causing these reactions from others. Another thing I've noticed is that every place I've lived, my home ac/ furnace filter gets extremely clogged really fast. Especially the electro charged filters you can buy. Also bought an ionic pro that removes electrically charged ions from the air and put in my room and it's always dirty. I'm a very clean person, and my clothes are always dirty smelling from this. I have to buy new clothes all the time. It's funny how fast the reactions are for people around us. I've eventually just laugh about it everyday just to deal with it in my own way. I have also noted that if I smoke a cigarette it makes my symptoms and others alot worse, and the cigarettes stink so much worse than I remember. Something I've been thinking it was here lately was excessive carbon dioxide in our bodies, because it can be an irritant. Anyways seems like there is a ton of information about patm now days, and I hope we can get this figured out. By the way, I have had probably 15 or more xrays,ct scans,mri. So I know I have been exposed to electro magnetic radiation excessively. We need to figure out how to fix this if this is what it is. Maybe iodine tablets could be a start and maybe find some way to decharge us!
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