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How do I overcome a food reaction phobia?

For the past few months I have had what has developed into a severe, irrational fear of food and having an allergic reaction. I have no allergies and I have never experienced an allergic reaction before. I have restricted my diet to only a few foods that I know are "safe" for me to eat. I have stopped eating many foods that I love because of the "what if" this harms me in some way. I know that many foods won't do this to me because I have eaten them before but once I begin thinking about it my mind takes off. It is really beginning to consume my energy worrying about it all of the time. You have to eat so it is very disruptive to my life. I don't even want to eat out in restaurants with my partner anymore or I avoid eating at other peoples houses. I do have acid reflux so I pretend sometimes that I just can't eat something because of my stomach hurting me but I know it's actually because of fear. I analyze all of the ingredients on food labels and I have become very specific with the brands I do choose to eat. I really don't enjoy eating anymore. I wish I could get a grip on my thoughts and eat well balanced meals but I just don't know how to. I have even lost weight and my blood is lower than it should be. If I know someone else has had a reaction to the specific food I then am scared to eat it too. I haven't told anybody because I am too scared to sound crazy! I don't even want to tell a counsellor because I am embarrassed of how irrational this sounds. My anxiety has taken control of me and I need to change this for my health. I miss being able to eat without my mind worrying about severe allergic reactions. If anyone has experienced this or has any advice it would be appreciated! Thanks!
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This is really late. I am just seeing this post but I had to respond. I read your post and cried. This is me right now. I even read this to my husband and he thought I wrote it. I am living this right now and wanted to reach out. Hoping you are better and would love some advice. I have this same fear and have same phobia of medicine. I hope you respond.
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