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Husband’s grief over breast reduction outcome

Coming from a previous thread from 2015. How did these stories end? I’m 2 days post-op and my husband’s detestation and grief is tearing me up. I went from a G-cup to what I believe may be end up being a C-cup. My excitement is gone because he is heartbroken.
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I dated a woman who had a reduction. I was very much in love with her. I never stopped loving her, but I was no longer physically attracted to her. Relationships can't survive that. In fact, it drove me infringe trying to hang onto it, through therapy and erectile dysfunction. My heart wanted her, but my body didn't. And, as hard as I tried to change that, I want able to. I believe that's just how physical attraction works for most men. We're attracted to what we find attractive, and turned off by what we don't.
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This worries me. I’m going through something similar but with my wife who decided to suddenly get a nose job. Really can’t figure out what to do at this point.
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