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PCOS, is losing weight possible?

I have been diagnosed with pcos last year. Im 20 yrs and 5 ft tall. I eat healthily and work out(Cardio of at least 30 mins, 5 times a week, i recently incorporated strength training). Despite the changes, every time i step on the scales, my weight shows more than the last time. i don't know what to do. going to the doctors isn't an option anymore,as I'm from Africa, doctors here are only concerned about making money,hence they either put you on medication that isn't required or purposely misdiagnose. I have a male pattern hair growth. my face, abdomen is quite hairy for a woman. My periods are irregular. I've gained more than 10 Kgs and its proving very difficult to lose. Please help, i don't know what to do and all this excess weight and hair is just depressing.
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Hormonal factors make weight loss difficult in women with PCOS. However weight loss is also the best form of treatment for PCOS. Hence apart from workouts you should seek advice from a dietician. Dietary modification is a major factor for weight loss. Excessive hair can be reduced with medicines or by cosmetic treatment. Hope this helps.
Take care and good luck.
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I was diagnosed with PCOS 10 years ago, and had the exact same problems you are having. I tried every diet the doctor put me on with no results. After 2 yrs of trying different meds and diets, my doctor put me on Aldactone 50 mg. It stopped the male pattern baldness and hair growth and the weight FINALLY started coming off. Within 4 months I lost 30 pounds of the 60 I had gained. I hope this helps.
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I ended up gettin a gastric bypass at 20   6mo before my 21st....    pcos helped as a co morb.    H
Only issue wrong besides failed diets n stuff...   had to do a diet with nutritionist n only lost 25.     I was 300 day of surgery now I'm 200 even workin on last 50 pounds. ... I gottem preg.  Kinda slowed me lol.     But if all fails n ur obese.  Try this.... I'm goin on 23 and I finally feel healthy
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Thank you for the reply. I've incorporated soya into my diet as I've been reading it has estrogen boosting properties. I'm hoping this can aid in bringing hormones back to normal!
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Thank you for the reply. I'll definitely look into it.
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Thank you for the reply. pcos can pose difficulty in the weight loss and fertility department, congratulations on beating the odds!
I'll look into the surgery option if all else fails.
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My fertility dr told me 1200 cals a day and 45 mins of cardio every day to lose weight with pcos.  1200 cals or leas is too few calories!   I have low progesterone so i am going to try over the counter progesterone cream to supplement,  i heard that works!
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I have been diagnosed with PCOS for two years and have just recently found a way to lose weight and keep it off.  I decided to juice detox for three days, partially for overall health, but also to lose some which could result in a regular cycle.  In three days, I lost eight pounds, and I have kept it off for two weeks now (one of which was spent on a cruise where my eating habits were not so great).  I really recommend Jason Vale's three day detox as it seems to be the only thing that has provided me with visible and lasting results.  In my opinion, all natural fruit and vegetable juice is the best "healer" of all! Good Luck and feel free to ask questions!!
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I 100% get it. I'm in my late 20's and 5'4 and have a lot of the same symptoms as you do. I suspected I had PCOS for a long time but wasn't actually diagnosed until 2 years ago. My first doctor sent me for an ultrasound but because my ovaries are "follicular" rather than cyctic- she wouldn't treat the PCOS.

Since being diagnosed, I have found a lot symptom relief from birth control medication. I use the generic of Seasonale (used to be Quasense, now on Jolessa). It is one where you take pills for 3 months and only have a period 4x a year. I think it took a full three months for my body to adjust so I was vacillating between horrible periods to spotting. But once it adjusted it's been MUCH better. My periods are shorter and although they are still heavier than normal, they are noticeably lighter compared to MY normal. A big bonus for me is I don’t have to take handfuls of Advil and Aleve (and deal with the resulting stomach upset) in order to tolerate my cramps. I've even noticed an improvement in my acne and hiristuism (the male hairiness). Unfortunately, it hasn't been a cure all for me. I still have more body hair than I would like and in places I'd rather it not be. Tweezing my chin is a pain, shaving my sideburns and "happy trail" feels shameful, and plucking the hair off my breasts and nipples feels utterly humiliating. But, I'm working on accepting this as part of my life and trusting I will find someone who can love me despite my likeness to a Neanderthal. lol

As far as the weight goes, that has been my biggest struggle! Diet, exercise, doing everything I was “supposed” to was rarely helpful and frankly too hard to stick with when I saw no results. I tried every program you can think of- none of which were much more than a waste of money. I did lose 7 lbs on weight watchers…but it was the week I had a tonsillectomy and couldn’t keep anything down so I’m inclined to think the program didn’t have much to do with it 

As much as I hate to admit it, for me the right solution has been an all-natural weight loss supplement. I did a TON of research on them before I tried them because I was concerned about how safe they were and if there were any people who had negative reactions and things like that. There’s no Ephedra or speed-like chemicals. No jitters or heart palpitations. Right now my biggest side effect is I pee like every hour cause you have to drink like a gallon of H2O a day (not as hard as it sounds actually) and the particular combination I’m taking makes you kinda sweaty…but nothing a fan doesn’t fix  It’s been quite a bit of trial and error for me but I've really seen it make a HUGE difference.  I started taking the pills in November of last year and didn’t see much progress. But since January I have lost 25 LBS...NO JOKE! Never in my life have I EVER lost more than those 7 lbs I mentioned...so every day I step on the scale and the weight drops (AND INCHES TOO) I just want to cry and jump for joy at the same time lol.

Like everything, there is a downside though. For me the downside has been that my boobs have shrunk, and buying new bras and shirts isn't cheap! I'm having such luck with the combo I'm on right now that I actually have all my pants safety pinned at the waist because they don't fit me anymore and I know I'm gonna lose more so I'm too cheap to buy new ones lol. This company has a whole line of products and you don't stick with just one (sorta the same principal as plateau busting in working out) and the recommendations for what you take are individualized and take into consideration your unique health needs. Truthfully, I would have never guessed I would be on a website singing the praises of a diet pill or a quick fix, but it really is the only thing that has helped the weight drop off the way it SHOULD when I'm doing everything I SHOULD to lose it! It’s like the great equalizer between me and the non-PCOS girls at the gym. We both eat salads, we both sweat our ***** off on the treadmill, and now for the first time in my life we both lose weight (I get teary eyed as I type all this btw). I think for me personally, the success has been that the pills curb my appetite so it's easier to eat smaller and healthier and I have a TON of energy from the bee pollen so I'm not too tired after work to hit the gym.

Eek…I realize I’m starting to sound like an infomercial for these things lol. Listen- I want you to know that I DON’T sell the pills and I DON’T work for the company-like even in the slightest! The woman who sells them IS NOT a friend or family member- I only met her when I started buying pills from her on a coworker's recommendation and only talk to her once a month when I buy my next round of pills. Truth be told, I'm so embarrassed I have to resort to them that no one in my life but my PCP knows I am on them. Hmm kinda makes her sound like a drug dealer. In my case, she is a drug dealer from heaven because since being on the pills and having the weight drop my cholesterol has improved and some of my borderline diabetes indicators have gone away too! My doctor actually encouraged me to keep taking them- which shocked the hell outta me I won’t lie! I know this solution isn't for everyone, and there are plenty of reasons NOT to take them. I spent months going back and forth on whether I wanted to try them, so I totally get any hesitations and doubts. But, if you (or anyone else reading this I guess) decided that you want to know more about them or get their website, or even if you want me to connect you with the woman who sells them to me, I'm happy to do it...just private message me! I know you are in Africa but she told me once she's shipped internationally before so I might not be out of the question again if you decide to go this route.

I know this was super super long and maybe more than you really wanted to know but my heart broke when I read your post cause I’ve been there. I felt like it would be too cruel to have this info and possibly helpful solutions and keep them to myself. I thought, “might as well share, people can always ignore you but at least you can say you did what you could to try and help others.” 
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