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PCOS but not overweight

So... most of the sources I read say common symtoms of PCOS other than irregular cycles are: overweight; excess hair groth; insulin resistance..etc

I'm not sure if i fall into those categories. I asked the infertility dr & he says not all women are over weight and because i'm asian decent, I may be having excess hair growth but less hair follicles. Most of what I read online suggests losing weight. But i know that very little fat can also affect fertility! I'm 5'4 & 120lbs.

Anyone else who has PCOS but doesn't fall into the "typical" symptom category?
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Hi Sam- I'm on Provera to start a period (last day). Once a cycle starts, ill be taking Clomid. I have a son who is 1.5yrs old. We tried Clomid and Menopur with him and nothign worked & scheduled IVF but got pregnant on our own and now that i'm trying for #2, i have PCOS again :( even tho the dr said not all women with PCOS the first time will get it the 2nd time... One of the first common sign is irregular periods. that's crazy that you had normal periods! Good luck to you and your husband!
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Hi, I just found out tueday i have PCOS and i dont have any of the signs except the cyst in my ovaries. Im 5'6 and weigh 120 , i dont have extra hair growth , insulin resistance and my period are  normal. My doctor told me that there is a small percent of women that are small and get PCOS.Im only 23 , me and my husband have been trying for about a year and a half. I just finished 3 rounds of clomid / estradiol but now that he knows that i have PCOS he put me on femara / estradiol. Has your doctor put you on anything ? I wish you Lots of luck and God Bless !
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