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Im 17 and Im diagnosed with PCOS, early this year.My doctor suggested me with meds but I havent taken any medicine yet as in Birth control pills.
She also gave me some medicine to take to balance my hormones, and she said i will get my periods.
But no sign of it still.
Last time i got my periods is on June. Im almost 4 months late now.

What Should i do?
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I also have pcos and am taking metformin er 1000mg. It sounds like your doctor has you on the right track as far as BCP and your other meds. Can I ask why you dont take your BCP? I don't take any because I am trying to conceive, but I know that they do wonders for us pcos girls. As far as your other med is it metformin? I know for me, when I started my met I didn't get a period right away, in fact I still havent. They force start my periods with provera or prometrium. All girls are different. I have known of some girls who get their period the first month they start the metformin and others it takes a lot longer. The one thing my doctor did say is that it is not healthy for our bodies to go over 3 months without a period. So if it has been 4 for you, I would give your doctor a call and let them know the situation. They may need to force start your period and/or up your medication. Best of luck! and you can always personal message me.
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Thank you so much for the answer.
I havent taken my BCP, coz my doctor suggested that i should wait till my periods shows up and then start with BCP.

& I have being waiting for 4 months.

And one more thing, I have gained a lot of weight. I was always at 107 pounds ( 49 kg ) and now within like 3-5 months time i have gained extra 7 kg's. I eat the same stuffs like usual, but i still gain weight, Which is very frustrating.

I have heard that gaining weight could delay periods too right? Is this possible?.
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& I took metformin for like 5 days, two times a day.

i started taking metformin. And I got bad Gastritis for like weeks.

I thought of taking metformin again, but scared of the  gas.

what do you think...

Should I start taking it again??
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Sorry it took me so long to respond. I haven't been on for a while.

As for metformin and pcos, your story sounds soooo similar to mine!! When I was your age, and all growing up I was 104lbs. Never more. I was always very thin and kept my same eating habits. In 2007 my fiance at the time (now husband) was being deployed to Iraq, he was in an accident and came home. After that he proposed and we started planning our wedding. Within 3 months I had gained about 20lbs, and I changed nothing in my diet. Within 6 months I weighed 180lbs and was floored. I never ever gained weight. I think what triggered the weight gain for me was stress. I believe I have always had pcos since I wouldn't get a period for several months. But, I think what made the side effects so bad was the sudden stress. Now I am about 195lbs and I can't seem to shake the weight and it has been very very difficult for us to get pregnant.

If I were you, just starting to see the symptoms (weight gain) I would see your obgyn or see and Endocrinologist (hormone specialist). Starting metformin will help you very much. I know it is very tough in the beginning and the stomach issues can last several weeks, but if your start taking care of the pcos now you can prevent more issues down the road. Talk to your doctor about Metformin Extended Release, It has a lot less side effects than the regular release metformin. If you start now, when you are married and wanting kids you will already be on the right track. Taking the metformin may help you with some of the weight as well, It has for so many of us!! Best of luck and I will try to respond quicker :)
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