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Should I contact my doctor if I'm having a lot of spotting in between periods?

Hi! Super long text incoming, sorry about that!

I'm a 19 year old girl who has just recently gotten an official diagnosis for PCOS after 3 years of problems with my skin, weight and periods (I'm a normal weight and have just been trying to lose a couple of kilos, but otherwise managed to keep within a healthy range). I've been told I have it before as well but I say official since now it was finally backed up with blood test results. Anyways, I've been having inconsistent issues with my periods, sometimes it'll come early and other times late, sometimes it'll just skip a month, or it'll be very light or very heavy, etc.

Sorry if this next part is a bit TMI... lately I've been having a lot of bleeding in between periods, and I guess that could be called spotting? Although it's quite a lot at moments. The texture seems a bit different than normal period bleeding and it's quite dark in color (red, not brown, although it started as brown both times). I also generally don't really need to use a full on pad for it, a panty liner has been fine so far, so that's why I'm calling it spotting rather than period bleeding, if that makes sense. This first happened around 15 days after my last proper period ended and the bleeding/spotting lasted for a week, and then again 11 days after that ended. It is currently on day 4 and it doesn't seem to be decreasing.

So my question is, should I go to my doctor and mention this? When I got my diagnosis a couple of weeks ago, she had told me that the only way to get a completely regular period is to take birth control pills, which I'm not sure I want to do yet (I tried birth control pills for 6 months at the start but didn't feel good at all). She also told me that it's really a personal choice since the irregularities aren't dangerous. However, this is a bit different than what I've experienced before. Interestingly enough, my acne suddenly disappeared from my cheeks as this started, but my chest became covered with them and my back gained a few painful ones as well, all at once.

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers! I'm still new to dealing with this whole PCOS thing... even though it's been 3 years
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