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Trying to get preganant

I'm 26 years old an i was diganos with polycstic overian syndrome in August of 07 my doctor put me on birth control pills but known i want to have a baby. Since i been on the pills i have got my periode, my dotoctor told that it would be a problem for me to get preganat, and i stop taking the pill of last month do you think i can get preganant.
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I hope EVERYONE reads this. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with PCOS. I went through a year of fertility treatment and even went as far as IUI. I couldn't afford Invitro so my husband and I gave up trying. In hopes of keeping my cycles and hormones balanced, I went on birth control for a year or so. I had my wisdom teeth taken out and forgot to take the pill for 3 days. I decided to just wait it out until I got my period to start a new pack...well I didn't start a new pack and I was pregnant the very next month.

My doctor said the pill contributed to making me ovulate naturally. My husband and I timed it correctly (without knowing it was possible or even trying) Today I have a healthy 2 year old.

My husband and I decided to try to have another some months back and wasn't successfull in our attempts. I haven't been on birth control since my son was born. My periods are very irregular and long!  I have since moved from my home state where my son was born and had to find a new doctor here. My husband suggested that I talk to my new doctor and ask for an updated birth control prescription. He stated he thought it was worth a shot. I took the pill for one month and bought a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. I tracked my cycle and I ovulated and am 8 weeks pregnant today.

I actually went in today for my second Doctor visit and first ultrasound. My doctor states he will try this method with every PCOS patient from now on before passing them on to a fertility specialist.

So, after saying all that to say this, YES, you can get pregnant just after coming off the pill. In fact, that has been my proven technique in beating PCOS. It didn't take me years to straighten out my period enought to make me ovulate. I had been off for several years and after only one month it suppressed my ovaries just enough to have it happen naturally.  

I hope this can be an option for you to try. It has worked 2 times for me and I couldn't be happier if it works for you or anyone who reads this.

Good Luck to all of you!
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My wife was 26 years old and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Her doctor prescribed Metformin.  We now have a 10 month old son and she is 27.  She has since been back on it in hopes that we can have another child.  Ask your doctor?
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