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is it possible to have POCS but only have it effecting one ovary

I have had an ultra scan and internal prop due to me not having regular periods I was told my left ovary is the dominate one and the right one isn’t working. Is this possible and is their still a chance i can become pregnant
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Yes it is possible. Many ladies becom pregnant with only one ovary. It only takes 1 egg and 1 sperm to make a baby. Did your doctor say if you had cysts on your right ovary? Do you know if your ovulating?
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hi, I have the same thing also, my right ovary doesn't work and I also have pocs with very irregular periods sometimes my period doesn't come for 3 or 4 months. the only way for me to get pregnant was to have IVF which I did last sept and I am currently 7 months pregnant.  even though we have pocs and one working ovary we are capable of carrying a child, but you will  need IVF. my doctor told me that an IUI won't work and to just go straight to IVF.
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Yes, I have PCOS and my left ovary tends to not want to work much - my right ovary does almost all of the work - I haven't got pregnant yet - but I know that it is possible and I know people who have it and have had pregnancies.
You may need meds if your body doesn't ovulate on it's own - that's a common side effect of PCOS - I have used meds and they helped me - my body would try to skip ovulating every couple of months...  
My dr believes I will be able to get pregnant
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Thank you all for the comments well I had my ultra scan and the doctor said that my left is doing all the work and my right want looks like I have POCS I have to go to the docs to get a defiant diagnosis. I was finding for years that I would have a period for 3,4 months then I wouldn’t get one for a couple of months the longest I went without one was 6 months.

am just a bit worried about getting pregnant as I have always wanted kids, I am in a single sex relationship I don’t know if there is anything they can do to help me its all in the air the now congrats for jrjend0217 did it take a long time to get pregnant ?

thanks again for commenting
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