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provera and metformin

hi im 26 yrs old from phils. my ob told me to take provera and metformin.. i started to visit ob when i was 16 yrs..old.. until now my menstruatation is very very ireregular... im married now.. i had a boyfriend for 4 yrs and we got married after 6 mos.. were separated because he really wanted to have a baby... now.. im overwieght..
and im losing hope to have a baby... sometimes.. im smoking and sumtimes and drinking beer.. is this bad? i love my husband so much... i want to get him back... were separated for 2 mos.. til now..
he really wanted to have a baby..
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Don't fret ! Most of the people in thif forum have PCOS. If that is what the dr. said you have, you are on the right track. PCOS can cause irregular periods, weight gain, difficulty TTC, but with the provera - that will help get your regular, the metformin will help lose weight - but you have to change your diet too (means stop smoking & drinking if you want to get pregnant), and it helps with fertility, too. You are on the right track - so hang in there & do what your dr. says. Best wishes to you - just stick with it - it will happen for you & your hubby !
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Good morning honey.....first i want to ask yo have they told you that you definitly have pcos? if so than you would have to change you eating, and other habits to get ready for a baby....i too am trying and have pcos and its very hard so i feel your pain, but there is hope there are many people on this site alone who have conceived and working on another so dont give up

micka :)
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