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trying to get pregnant but have pcos

i was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and i am only 19 years old i havent had my period since Jan of 08 and still havent gotten it i am deeply saddened by it and but feel more depressed knowing it cuases infertilty my doctor told me it would be better to get pregnant while i was still younger rather than waiting till i was older so i dont risk my chances of not having a baby at all i am doing everything i can to keep my chances of gettin pregnant does anyone have any ideas something..i really want my own baby with my husband we can take care of it and it hurts me knowing that i cant get pregnant and i see all these babies around me and women who are pregnant it just hurts me i goback in two weeks but i just cant seem to wait. just seening if u guys had any ideas
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Hey Hun,

I'm surprised that your dictor told you, you would become infertile. PCOS can cause infertility but there are typically ways to fix it. Also, have you been trying or just stunned by the news? There are many women who still get pregnant even with PCOS, alot of it depends on what lab work shows your hormone levels to be and often you are prescribed medication, etc. I wouldn't worry yourself to much, I don't know why your doctor would worry you like that. Keep the faith, I'm sure you will have a beautiful bundle of your own when you are ready to start trying. God Bless.
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Hi Hun,

First things first calm down, second thing if your doctor only told you this and didn't give you the option of birth control right now or fertility meds (Clomid, Serophen (SP) Metaformin) to help with pregnancy or Medroxyprogesterone (Provera) to start your period, then I would say get another doctor asap, because it seems as though this doctor made you feel like you didn't have options and you do. Although the diagnosis seems really grim, it's really not that bad, there are a ton of things you can do to regulate your menstrual cycle to obtain ovulation and any good doctor would have explained those things to you. You have a lot going for you meaning that your age helps you tremendously. If you must worry then you can worry that it will take you a little longer than a women without PCOS to conceieve but unless bloodwork has been done, and it is beyond a doubt that you are infertile then you're chances of having a healthy child is just as good as anyone else. I tried for 3 years and just recently I found out that I was 8.5 weeks pregnant,(10 now) because I had irregular cycles VERY irregular, then I didn't think anything of it. I was put on medicine in 06, but the ttcing took over my life and so I stopped and started off on for the last 3 years and then I finally said it'll happen when it'll happen and just when I stopped wouldn't you know it, it happened for me. so although it's been 3 years of ups and downs it happened for me and I'm sure it will happen for you, by the way I'm 27 and was diagnosed when I was 25! Good Luck dear, and you'll be in my prayers, please consider getting a second opinion, and let us all know how it turns out for you!
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i'm 27 yrs old and was preg once before and i'm on clomid to get preg again so if i can do it i think you can do it if u choose to wait a little while longer, but that is up to you. good luck on baby making
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you sounds just like everyone else your the kind of person who judges when 'young' ppl get pregnant and have kids it just kinda frustrating becuase ppl like you take one look at me and sees that i am young and of course "not married" and think to yoursel ur too young it will ruin your life but what you dont understand is that i can take care of a child financially and emotionally so ya you are rite  IT IS UP TO ME!
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I think you may have taken "missingolivia"'s posting the wrong way. At least the way I read it was that you can get pregnant if you choose to wait a little while longer, meaning that it will probably take a little longer to get pregnant with PCOS, but with the correct Dr - who gets bloodwork done to check your hormones, and gets those straightened out w/prescriptions - you should have no problems. I am 38, just diagnosed with PCOS - probably had it since High School, but just not TTC. After I found the right Dr - who did the labwork, he had me having a regular cycle, ovulating & producing eggs in 1 month. So they can help ! I have several friends who have had babies with PCOS and this forum is full of them. We are just trying to say that you should get a dr that will check these things, and that will save you time. You should have no problems with TTC with PCOS. We all wish you the best - be patient. We all know the pain & hurt that you felt when the dr. told you, it devastated me, because at my age, I don't have the luxury of time to try. Like "fawngonzalez" and "jusrobin" mentioned, key is Dr. - bloodwork, and you will be on your way ! Lots of sprinkles of baby dust to you.
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All I can say is I have had PCOS for over 7 years and I finally have my miracle baby! I even went to the Mayo Clinic and was there for a week and a "team" of doctors said I woudln't get pregnant and then BAM! I actually got pregnant 3 weeks after that visit so all I am saying is: It CAN happen!

See a different doctor. Do as much research as possible on PCOS and fertility. Look into seeing an Endocrinologist also. That may help you.

Best of luck sweetrie and know that it can happen for you as long as you keep a positive outlook and continue to learn about this thing we have called "PCOS". Work with it instead of against it and you will be surprised! Best of luck to you!!!!
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Just trying to gt pregnat from now onwards is good,,but you need not be afraid of not having a baby of your own,,as this problem can be fixed,,when you see a fertility specialist, they will check ur hormone levels and get u medicated as needed,,,,
Dont worry,,as u r too young and depression makes this severe,,,u know depression causes some kind of wrong signals to the brain,,thereby causing more discomfort with the hormone instructions,,,
So dont worry, u r on right way,,see ur fertility specialist better,,,ok dear,,,take care,,,
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With any infertility problems the older you get the harder it gets to conceive and the higher your risks...not just b'cuz of PCOS...what is your Dr. doing to get your cycle regular? Thats the first step..then treatments and all that can take effect...good luck!!!  
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i'm  29 and i have Polycystic ovaries  and i dont get my period and i been had it sinces  05 and my daughter is 11 now and i want to have a baby but i can't and i been tell my doctor i want a baby   and they said i can it just dont know why i'm not getting my period  but i want to have a baby
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