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Anyone know of natural pregnancy at 47?

Does anyone know of anyone who is 47 or older who has become pregnant, and / or carried to term, a child from their own eggs? I am 47, finally woke up to realize how much I want this, and of course, the doctor is telling me there is a 1% chance (basically not possible). I am curious if there are ANY examples of women who got pregnant and had healthy babies with their own eggs at this age?

Also, egg donation seems to be the only option, but I wonder about the fact that it is not your own genetic material...it seems like that would make it so difficult, so sad, but maybe I am not thinking of this the right way...

Any help or comments would be so appreciated. Thank you.
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To be completely honest, it would be very difficult to conceive naturally and carry full term at 47.  If this is what you truly want then I wish you luck.  Your best option truly is to try donor eggs.  There are a number of women on this forum who have had successful pregnancies that way, and I can tell you that they love their babies with 100% of their heart.  It is such a personal decision.  Some only want a baby that is 100% theirs genetically, to others it just doesn't matter.  There is no right or wrong answer, it truly depends on what matters to you.  Please don't take this as negative or judgemental, I completely respect everyone's right to make their own decision, I just really believe that donor eggs is your best option at this point.  Whatever you decided, I truly wish you all the best!
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Hi Janet,

Natural pregnancy and delivery at 47 certainly has happened - many many thousands of times! 1% is far from impossible - but it is far from probable, as well. I'm 44, and the statistical odds are against me as well, but I'm just going ahead the natural way. If I have no children by the time menopause hits, I'll consider adopting an older child. It's a highly personal choice of how to proceed. And, as adgal says, using a donor egg is also a highly personal choice. If you're interested in donor eggs and wonder if you're thinking of it "the wrong way" - well, think of it a different way! There are lots of happy moms with children from donor eggs.

Best of luck and welcome to the forum!
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A coworker of mine has a friend who tried with her DH to get pregnant for several years at 40. They eventually gave up and turned their energy to caring for their ailing parents, work, etc. Well, at 50 years old(!), this woman unexpectedly became pg! She and her DH were totally stunned, but decided to move forward with the pg. They now have a healthy daughter. I'm sure it's not easy at 50, but it has been done.

Also, I would like to say that due to my age (43) and high FSH levels, my RE gave me a 1% chance of getting pg. Well, I did get pg NATURALLY! Unfortunately, my hCG levels have dropped so my RE told me to wait for miscarriage, but the point is that it can happen, even with a 1% chance. I am hopeful that it'll happen again and this time stick.

Good luck to us all!
I am dealing with trying to get pregnant myself ....and that is a blessing to get pregnant at 50 am 46 trying to get pregnant...and i would like to know what can i do to get pregnant....was told to try fertile pills....my doctor also told me i was fertile so i don't know what is going on.
I would say that you will absolutely need to work with a fertility specialist.  Natural pregnancy in the late 40's and beyond is very rare.  So, seek fertility help and we'll keep our fingers crossed.
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Hi Janet...

Although the "stats" say "low", anything is possible. Check the web & definitely check here through out MedHelp. Also, it might be encouraging for you to join the "Group" TTC 40 (Trying To Conceal) 40+. Make sure to check out the Post...Roll Call. ;o) Also, I know for sure there was a woman that was on this Forum named Susan...not sure if she is still on board, but she was 50 & carried for 8 mos. Unfortunately she lost her babygirl @ 8 mos.

A friend of mine works in a hospital in N.C. & told me about a Young Lady there who had a healthy babygirl @ age 50...conceived totally naturally...she was not trying to conceive. ;o)

I just read a post by a young lady from UK that shared a post titled: "Ladies not feeling like a spring chicken lately." I haven't read it, but it looked llike it was going to be an interesting ready...hopefully it will hold some encouragement for you.

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I am 46 1/2 years old and 4.5 weeks pregnant.  I know that I have a long way to go and understand the complications that may arise but conceiving naturally, going to full term, and delivering a healthy baby at our age is possible and has been happening for generations.

I continue to read many positive stories about healthy babies being born to older woman and 1% out of millions of woman trying to conceive is better than 0%. Twelve months ago, I was pregnant for the first time and had a miscarriage at nine weeks but this year have taken better care of my health in preparing for the pregnancy.

I wish you and everyone trying to have a child over 40 much luck and happiness.

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I became pregnant at 47 and held the baby until 3 months plus, then for some reason lost it. I think  I lost it because my husband was so against it that I was full of stress. I think he was happy that I lost the baby. I do think that if not for his behavior, I would have been fine. I had already had two perfect pregnancies prior to that. Don not give up hope. My grandmother, years ago had a baby at 40 when it was almost unheard of, and she was just perfect. Good Luck.
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I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl conceived naturally at age 47.  No major problems and a very normal pregnancy......other than being under the very watchful eye of my ob/gyn.  That 1% means it can happen.  I'm living proof.  
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Hi, there!
How are you, what is your news? Hope you are pregnant already.If not, good luck!!! Lots of love and hugs to you.
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It's march 2014, and I'm reading these post from the past wondering how did things turn out for you? I just found out I am pregnant, just about to turn 47 in 2 weeks! I'm about 3 or 4 weeks pregnant. It was unexpected and naturally conceived! So I am trying to absorb as much info as possible!!
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My mom had my sister at 45. Totally natural conception.  Great pregnancy, healthy baby girl, she's 18 now. Good luck!
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I'm almost 47 and just found out I am expecting. I also have high blood pressure (heredity, not due to my weight) I am absolutely terrified. I don't know whether to feel blessed or not.....abortion is not an option, I believe that this is happening for a reason. My husband and I have a 23 year old, a 12 year old and an 8 year old PLUS a 3 year old grandbaby! It almost seems ludacris, LOL

Arwynns Mommy
Can you please tell me the outcome of your pregnancy? Thanks
Could you please inform us with the result..?
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I am 46, will be 47 in August and I jut found out that I am pregnant, almost 5 weeks.  I also have high blood pressure.  This is a natural pregnancy and I was caught completely off guard when my doctor told me.  I was scheduled for surgery and right before, they told me I was pregnant.  I am also in shock and scared that something will happen to the baby.

I have a doctor appt tomorrow to check my HCG levels and again for Monday to check my levels.  The doctor said that the levels should double every 48 - 72 hours.  Prayers please that this is a healthy pregnancy.  I have one son, 25 years old and am a grandmother to a 6 month old baby.

My husband is in shock as well, but we are taking it one day at a time since it is so early anything can happen.
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I know a lady who was 45 when she got pregnant with her last son. Healthy baby boy who is now 17 years old!

I think you should go ahead and try with your own eggs. The human body is amazing. Why not?

Good luck and best wishes to all of you.

(My mom was 40 when pregnant with me and they tried to get her to have an abortion because the baby would most certainly be retarded because she was so 'old' as they said...and I'm glad she didn't listen because I am here today...i was a perfectly healthy baby)
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Kimberly, I just now found this site as i am interested in this for myself, 47. It's been years now since your post and I wonder if you'd share what the outcome was?
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I’am 11 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child at 47 and I conceived naturally it was a shock but it is obviously possible. I did not do anything different prior to becoming pregnant as far as eating different or exercising as I didn’t think getting pregnant was possible at my age but I’m here to tell you it’s possible.
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i agree with the doctor, chances are very slim, unfortunately.  i think the oldest i have seen on here was 44.  not impossible, just unlikely.
My husband and I used donor embryos, and now have 5 year old twins, and just last weekend we both said if we could go back and have genetic children, we would wouldn't change a thing.  not 1 regret here. :)
i was 45 when i delivered
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47 and I;m 5 weeks pregnant yes you can get pregnant at 47
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7 weeks pregnant today!!! I'm almost 46 and my new husband and I have been trying naturally for almost 4 years. He doesn't have any children and was told he couldn't have kids. I have a 16 & 18 year old. I thought I was going through perimenopause for a few years so this is a bit of a surprise. I also have Lyme disease so I cut out sugar, dairy and gluten and I'm pretty health conscious, good weight, don't exercise, but Im active and garden, etc., drink lots of water, I'm happy and have a good support system in my friends and church. We are scared of older mom complications but doing our best to stay positive. Best of luck and prayers.
congratulations.  That's sure exciting!!  Keep us updated with how you are doing!
Could you please leave a message with the outcome..? Thanks
EbA1, welcome to the forum!  Are you trying to conceive or newly pregnant?  :>))
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Hi i know my sister had her #2 [email protected] also knows an lady had twins 55(her oldest children was in their 30s she did just fine and the babies grew better than ever,chrissy and terry is the twins names ones an boy others an girl,
My doctor always says it -can- be a possibility and recommends birth control into the 50's but you really don't hear of this happening naturally often.  I had my kiddos late and got them in right before I turned 40 and it was hard on my body.  It's got to be hard on someone over 50!  But it is always a blessing and exciting to hear.  Women do seem to have babies later and later these days!
Hi there, hope you come back and tell me how it's going and if you got that positive test!!!  
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I am 45. I know that I have a extended method to go and understand the complications that may arise but conceiving naturally, going to full term, and delivering a fit baby at our age is possible and has been happening for generations.
Hi evabrown01!  Yes, that is true. I think first pregnancies seem harder past 40 without intervention but subsequent pregnancies definitely happen.  Do you have any other kiddos?  Or would this be your first?   There are ways to track and work on getting pregnant naturally if you want to chat.  I am a fan of temperature, for example.  
I've shared this on another thread. Hope these tips might be useful. One could try out some. At least I'm sure they won't harm. Try taking a detox which can be a really good way to get your body back into balance. Getting rid of all those toxins you have build up in your body over the years. Then a well balanced diet will absolutely help your chances of success. Take part in the fertility diet to enhance your reproductive organs and ensure good quality blood supply to the uterus. Good quality blood supply to the uterus increases protein and nutrient secretion around implantation, which your embryos will love. Get your partner on the Sperm Diet. Acupuncture is now, without a doubt, one of the best ways to enhance your success rates. It will reduce your stress, enhance your ovarian function, and increase blood supply to your reproductive organs.  Other therapies such as reflexology, hypnotherapy, yoga, or massage can also help. Alos the feel-good factor and endorphin buzz produced by regular sexual intercourse can really help to alleviate stress. Take a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement which contains vitamins A, B, E and C complex, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron and Co-enzyme Q10. which play a vital role in the fertilisation and implantation process. Essential fatty acids are vitally important. Wheat Grass to keep your FSH in check and Royal Jelly to nourish your egg quality. Plus make sure you're taking enough folic acid daily. Wishing the best!
You always leave good information Sunnyday775!  Thanks for that.
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Hi, I am 46 with high FSH levels and chronic leukaemia I was told it would be impossible for me to become pregnant via my own eggs. I was not trying. We had one incident of the condom breaking and as I was told i could not get pregnant I was not concerned. fast forward I am now 22 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby inside me and feeling healthier than I have done in years. The pregnancy steroids keep the leukaemia at bay and it will not be until 2 months postpartum that I will need to go on meds. Fingers crossed ladies it can happen x
Wow wow wow!!!  Congratulations genni73!  This sounds like a miracle.   Are you over the moon??  Do you have any other kids?  When are you due?  And this was a total surprise?  I'd have thought at 46 years old that this in and of itself would make natural pregnancy to term unlikely so this is amazing!!  
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