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Could I be pregnant?

I am new to sex... I know this is quite obvious because I am asking this question. Recently after having sex my partner and I realized the reason he couldn't climax was because he was wearing a condom. We mutually decided to wear them sometimes but to start with not wearing one so we could get him close to climax then he put one on. Recently I have felt little pains in my stomach and a weird empty feeling. It's too early to tell because I haven't had my period yet (not late, just hasn't happend yet) so could those be symptoms of pregnancy? I've also had where i'll be eating then have a stomache pain/nauseous feeling that makes it so I am unable to eat. (Kind of feels like a gas pain). My second question is can I get pregnant even if he doesn't have an orgasm inside of me? I am only 15 and I know most of you will think i'm too young but  I just want advice on the questions... not your opinion on what is right and wrong please! :)
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You could get pregnant even if he does not orgasm inside you.

Google Cowper's Gland.  It produces pre-ejaculatory fluid, and that fluid can contain sperm if he has recently had any in his urethra.
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We took precautions and he made sure that he hadn't ejaculated recently (and washed it really well) and that he urinated many times before we had sex... do you still think that he could have gotten me pregnant?
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I'm sorry, but that's not taking precautions. It does NOTHING to prevent pregnancy. Pre-ejaculation is constantly produced when a male is aroused. Urination also doesn't prevent pregnancy, so no. You weren't protected and took a gamble and yes can be pregnant. Take a test in two weeks and use protection from before penetration until after. It's bull if a male can't ejaculate without a condom and a very foolish risk to take at your age.
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So just as clarification, pre-ejaculation can get you pregnant? I thought there wasn't any sperm in it unless it was left over from a past orgasm, which he made sure he hadn't had at least 5 days prior to sex.
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Yes, pre-ejaculatory fluid can impregnate a female. Because I've seen this question frequently I asked my urologist about it (which I was curious about anyways for after the prcedure) when my husband was sterilized and he told me the same. This is why the famed 'pull out' method is worthless, and why condoms have to be used exactly as directed.
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In his more exact words, the amount of sperm is substantially less and while unlikely does happen. So your odds are not high, but by no extent are non-existent. I'm assuming you don't want to be a teenage mother though, so why risk it. Sex isn't worth that.  
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Oh thank you for the information, I will try to be more careful and hopefully I'm not already pregnant :) One more question... I have been feeling a pain in my lower abdomen (where I assume my uterus would be) if I was pregnant I could be max 2-3 weeks pregnant so I don't know what or any symptoms that would happen... do you think you could help?
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