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Does depression affect the baby?

Hello ladies. I am 34 weeks and a couple days pregnant. I have been having a happy pregnancy up until the last couple days. My long-time boyfriend of 3 years works at a store and has been working so hard for us. I am 26 he is 22, my second child his first.
Recently some guy notified me telling me that a girl he worked with is claiming that she had kissed him 3 months ago and he was talking to her for a long time(about 4 weeks). I asked him not to talk to any other women at his job it wil only cause drama, and when I approached him on the subject he fessed up and told me that he was friends with her and he talked to her about our problems I asked him every day when it was happeneing about if he was talking to any girls there and he said no, lying.
So I get more messages from this guy(aparently this guy is the girls boyfriend) telling me that she told him about how I was a ***** and a whiner and letters I wrote him and times that I was mean to him, I mean realy personal things. I seen her, and she is not his type at all. and our sex life hasn't realy been affected and honestly I trust him that he wouldn''t have kissed someone else, but it hurt so bad that he was talking to another girl about our personal life and she ended up liking him, she is making up lies to her boyfrind aout how he tried to kiss her and what not. I mean the things she is telling me are true and I don't know who to believe... some random person I never met that has all this info on me, or my boyfriend who I feel wouldn't have kissed this girl (she is really ugly n not his type at all) it hurts so bad to go thrugh this mental breakdown right now in my last month.. it hurt and I have been crying so much I am scared it is affecting the baby.. I feel sad all thetime and I have a history of depression. Sometimes I feel worthless and ugly like I just want to die. I wanted to leave him but he begged me to stay. I mean, things have been great for so long.. I just don't understand why he would open up to another women about our personal life. It hurts so bad inside I feel like I lost my best friend. I know this is kind of a medical communiy but I have no one else to talk to I feel so ashamed to be with someone that would hurt me so bad this close to us having a baby. He seems really sorry for having loose lips, but how can I trust him again? I mean come on how does he build trust back after that!? I appreciate any positive insight thanks...
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