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Baby's first baths...What do you use????

We are trying to keep our registry reasonable and have a variety of inexpensive gifts that co-workers etc. can choose from...We didn't register for any bath products yet and I have read mixed reviews on the big baskets that they offer (baby oil, baby powder, baby lotion, shampoo, body wash...)  We don't want a lot of extra stuff that we aren't going to use...I heard lots of people on the babies r us site say that the Johnson&Johnson brand was drying and that they used the body wash for shampoo, like an all in one...I read a lot of positive things about Aveeno products...What do you recommend?  What did you use?  Did you use seperate products for body wash and hair?
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I use the lavendar johnson and johnson baby shampoo, and then baby wash.  They work perfectly fine, also the baby oil comes in handy with cradle cap.  The dry flakey skin on the babies head, put it on 30 minutes prior to bath time, and brush it through the hair to bring up the flakes.  I've never used the powder.  I have used the lotion, but I use eucerin cream lotion since my daughter has a couple patches of exzema.  It's a complete moisturizer that works perfectly.  

I have heard of aveeno being really good, I know they sell it for babies at costco in a pack, shampoo, body wash, and i think butt cream, and lotion!  =)  could be a trial and error thing to try out.
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oh you can always buy both, and try them on yourself, and see what you think.  just a thought
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I used all of these products on my daughter and we ended up with aveeno or cetaphil in the end! She does have sensitive skin, but I think if I was using one of these from the start her skin would have been fine. It was never horrible by any means, but the others are more drying, not to mention that johnson & johnson products have a form of novacaine in them to keep the soap from burning the babies eyes~I got rid of it as soon as I found that out!!
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I use the regular johnson and johnson baby shampoo and then aveeno oatmeal lotion and body wash and then vaseline when she gets dry parts on her skin. I also use johnson baby oil when needed for cradle cap for for a head massage since it stimulates hair growth (or at least it is supposed to but I'm starting to doubt it). Your not supposed to use baby oil for the first couple of weeks because it can harm the natural oils in your babys skin. Also dont use baby powder ever since it could get in the lungs and cause respiratory problems.
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My son had eczema, which is VERY common in infants, and the only soap that worked for him was Aveeno, which has one body wash that is very moisturizing and even says for eczema on the bottle, but it's so moisturising that it doesn't really work for shampoo, so I used a separate product for that.

I also used lotion to help put more moisture back in his skin, and baby oil for the cradle cap on his scalp once he started to get that.  I never used powder.
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At some point you will use the shampoo, bodywash, lotion and baby oil, but for me I never used the baby powder.  I tried all of the johnsons products and the aveeno ones as well and liked a lot of them.  My daughter had pretty normal skin so I went with what smelled the best.  Also, like alaysha said you shouldn't use alot of products for the first couple of weeks anyway.  Maybe just body wash all over and only give a bath maybe every 3 to 4 days depending on it the baby has a really bad diaper or spit up.  But since you are putting it on your registry whatever you get can be kept around for a couple of months until you find what you like.
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I used johnsons products, but later found that I LOVED the Burts Bees products for baby. They are all natural- no chemicals- and smell great.
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I still use the Johnson and Johnson two-in-one (shampoo and wash). I've never tried Aveeno so not sure about that stuff! I say less is better, too. There's so much out there that you think you'll need and then you end up not ever using it. I still have stuff from my first daughter's baby shower. You do not need baby oil or baby powder, for instance.

Another thing you may want to try that is NOT drying is BURT'S BEES shampoo & wash (it's also a two-in-one). It smells waxy but it keeps baby skin really, really soft. I also have that and I use it during the winter. M sister got me Burt's Bees apricot oil for babies and lotion as well.
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I just now read through everyone elses' comments and Whitney and I are on the same page! I didn't realize she mentioned Burt's Bees either but I definitely think it's worth checking into. They have stuff for maternity/mothers as well.
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If your baby has craddle cap like ashie said then you might want to get some baby oil, but not a big bottle.  I had a huge bottle that I got in a pack and a small one and still have about 1/2 of the small bottle left and gave the big bottle away.  I haven't heard of the Burt's Bees for babies, but I love there chap sticks so I'll definatly be looking for it.
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I have the burt's bees  "mama bee" belly butter and I love it...I also love their chapsticks and balms for feet and hands...I didn't know they made a baby line!!!!!  I'll definitely look into it!  And people keep mentioning oil for cradle cap...if burt's has 'apricot oil' that would be nice!  
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Aveeno "calming comfort" lavender & vanilla wash is GREAT! Baby loves it and it doesn't overdry his sensitive skin. I use it as shampoo, too. The matching lotion, however, made him have a mild rash that lasted about 24 hrs... thank goodness I only put it on a small part of his arm to test it! I advise you do the same with whatever you use. We always use a small amount of powder (johnson & johnson pure cornstarch) on his bum when we change him, it's worked wonders to avoid diaper rash... and keeps his skin soft and dry.
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