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Breast milk supply

Well, I could only nurse Fynn for about 1 eek because i did not realize just how painful it is!!! SO I went ou and bought a pump, but I am losing my supply. I dont know how often I should be pumping. We introduced formula because it seems much more satisfying for him. I am drinking lots but I still only pump like 1 ounce out of my left boob and almost nothing out of my right!!

I really dont wanna lose my supply and need to know how I can increase it.
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Is baby latched right? If so, after the initial pain it will subside. If not, it will continue to hurt. Your nipples also need to get used to BFing, so it might be a little painful for a few weeks. The best way to increase supply is for the baby to be put to the breast often. If you can't do this, pump every 2-3 hours, and through the night. You can also take fenugreek and blessed thistle and these should help up your supply. Formula will keep him full longer (giving him a more satisfied look) because it's not as easy to digest as breastmilk, so if you switch it wouldnt be surprising if he eats more frequently. Kylie has more or less lived latched on me for the last 5 weeks. If you want to try BFing still, get in touch with a LC or the LLL. They should be able to help you.
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pump every 2 hours or when the baby is supposed to eat. it shouldnt hurt to bf if the baby is latched on correctly.  You can do an internet search on "correct latching"
you could also have something called thrush which is like a yeast infection on the nipple that generally causes pain.  You should try to schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant, they'll help you out.

However, you should continue to try to latch you baby on every 2 to 3 hours and nurse him as long as you can, if he's still hungry afterwards give him a bottle and pump whatever is left on the breast.
You need to pump at least 15 min on each breast every time you pump, that will stimulate your breasts enough.

herbal supplements will not work unless you empty out your breasts every time your child is supossed to eat.
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Why don't you contact La Leche League (www.lllc.ca) and speak to a lactation consultant?

In the beginning, it's very normal for BFing to hurt - for me, my nipples were very sore for the first week both times I started breastfeeding....and both of my sons were latched properly.  I used Lansinoh cream on my nipples after each BFing session and expressed some milk, rubbed it on my nipples and allowed it to air dry whenever possible, too, and the pain went away within a few days.

Keep in mind that pumping isn't a true, reliable indication of the quantity of milk you're producing - babies are usually much more efficient at extracting milk than a pump.

Good luck :)  
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you just about made it to the point it should stop hurting. Also your milk only most likely came in a few days ago right? It is sometimes ahrder for them to latch then when you are so full, but you ahve to get a good suppy of milk first to only pump! Actually the pump will enlarge the nipple a little and can be more painful. I suggest that you go back to exclusily BF and go to Jack Newmans site to see videos on good latching. It should not hirt the nipple once he has latched on right. THe baby might have a shallow latch. You will never get enough with a pump like a baby will get on its own. I do not know what you were wanting to hear but you do need to start nursing again every two hours at least and go no more then 3  during the night. You need to pump after feeds to fully drain the breast. I never used the creams either and just expressed breast milk which has healing properties! letting them air dry is also good and wearing a cotton bra and no nursing pads that have a plastic outer cover!
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I wasn't able to breastfeed Kaelynn at first. She wouldn't latch or suck at all.
I pumped every 2-3 hours the first 2 weeks then I went to every 3-4 hours. It was tough getting up at night but I was determined not to use any formula.

I am now pumping 8-10 oz every 3-4 hours. I have so much milk in the freezer I don't even have room for anymore and now I dump most of it down the sink. I hate doing that.

Kaelynn has finally started to nurse in the last week and is doing great which has upped my milk production. I'm pumping only 3 times a day getting anywhere from 6-10 oz depending if she just ate or not. She's sleeping 8-12 hours at night so I have to pump I wake up in so much pain.

It was very painful to pump even the first few weeks. I just got over a yeast infection in my breast my nipple would burn when she nursed it was very painful! You just need to work through the pain.

A double pump is better than a single because it makes you produces more hormone telling your body to produce more milk. That's what the LC at the hospital told me.

There are several posts in the last few days about different herbs to boost your supply.
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Since you have a lot of milk you're not using (or just dumping) , you could see if there's any banks near you and if you qualify, you could donate it to the banks to be used for newborns.
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