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Breastfeeding pain

My babygirl is 4 weeks old and it just hurts soooooo much when she latched onto the point where sometimes I just feel like stop trying to breastfeed because of how much it hurts and she doesnt get full or maybe im not producing enough milk or maybe shes not latching on properly idk what to do I dont want to be feeding her formula but sometimes I have to ... I need any advice please in what to do ...

She was born at 35 weeks 6 days maybe that could be why its takinh her some time to latch on the right way ??? Or idk please help ? ... The pain is just tooo much and she doesnt seem to be satisfied after all ... :-(
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What is she doing to make you feel that she's not satisfied?
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Call a La Leches league rep and they can tell you when local meetings are and help over the phone.  Some hospitals also have free classes.  It sounds like a latching problem.  My first was like that.
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They sell this jell I cant remember whats its called but it sort of helps out. It is very painful I remember the pain when I first breast fed! It was horrible and I wasnt producing enough milk so I would breast feed her on both sides yhen give her 2 oz on formula.  It gets better its not always painful Im sorry you're going through the pain.  Go to the store and look at all the baby area for that cream. Good luck
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I would check with your hospital first, or even your pediatrician so see a lactation consultant. Many hospitals have support groups or even lactation nurses who will come to you. (I'd use la leche league as a last resort as anyone can become a rep by taking an online class, and most have no medical background) Most of the time its a latching issue and don't feel bad for giving formula! As much as you want to breast feed you are trying your very best and if you have to add some formula so be it. Making sure your baby is eating well is most important.
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Knufrio-she starts crying and moving her head looking for my breast but im in too much pain to put her back on so i give her a bottle ...

& thank you ladies ... Im doing the same I feed her about 2 oz of formula after
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I'd try to see a lactation nurse and get the nipple cream, a poor latch can cause painful nipples, and it might take a while to find a position that's right for the both of you, especially if she's small and/or you have larger nipples. Just remind yourself this is new to both of you, you aren't born knowing how to (properly and effectively) breastfeed and neither is she. Its a learning experience that requires time, patience, and determination.
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Breastfeeding shouldnt hurt,  especially @ 4wks. Sounds like the latch is wrong.  Bring your nipple up to your baby's nose, let her smell the milk. Once her mouth is open coax your nipple into her mouth.  The majority of your areola should be in her mouth.  If she is just sucking on the nipple itself,  that hurts. If your nipple is cracked,  express some of breastmilk ont o your nipple and rub it in. Breastmilk does wonders.
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O & babies are born to breastfeed. 35wks is fine. Keep working at it momma. I've breastfed both my babies & plan on doing the same with my third. Good luck!
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Sometimes baby just dont want vreast milk and do better with formula. Its not bad at least you tried formula is fine if it wasnt it would have been gone a long time ago. Theres.downfalls but so many babies are formula fed and healthy!
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I had to breastfed my daughter in the football position because that was the best latch she could get. It hurts but as long as you pull through you will be successful. I'm sure your baby is getting plenty to eat
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Breastfeeding hurt for me also for the first few weeks it's was horrible and my nippes would cracking and bleed and latching on was a disaster.and this even happened when the midwife themselves latched my baby on so I think I just had really sensetive nipples. Lanolin cream worked wonders for me and I went in to breastfeed for 11 months and with my second baby I used lanolin cream from the start and had tenderness but nothing compared to the first and went on to breastfeed 18months. Try out the cream or any others you been recommended and try push through.good luck
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Your latch is wrong if it hurts. Have a look on youtube to get a proper latch or call a rep over. Dont give up mama !
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My son when he was born had a hard time latching on too and I was in tears when I had to feed. I talked to a nurse and she checked him out to find out he was tongue tied.  Something worth checking into
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