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Can someone look at this 3d ultrasound package and tell me if it sounds reasonable/normal (price for what you get...)

Complete 3D Package with CD pictures and DVD movie ..................160.00

Complete 3D package includes a 30-35 minute 2D & 3D session set to music & recorded onto DVD.

The DVD movie will show the baby in 2D, 3D, and if the baby is moving in 3D, will include views in 4D.

Included also is a CD with as many 3D still color images as we can get. These can be printed from a computer or at a photo lab.

A minimum of 5 black and white small pictures is also included

**If the baby is 'hiding' and will not move for the first 15 minutes, they will have you reschedule at no charge

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i get the same thing here in Canada for $175 i think it was so with the exchange its about the same.
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I think that's good, I think that they range from 130-200.  Go for it!  And post the pictures of course!
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I thought it sounded good/reasonable...I want to do it soooo bad!  I wish I could have registered for it as like a group gift or something...My shower is Jan. 31...I'll be almost 29 weeks by then...I'm not sure if that is cutting close to the cut off of 31 weeks though...I'd have to get an appointment ASAP...Oh well, something to think of...But I think I am definitely going to do it!!!
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well could you ask for it as a christmas gift?  I wasn't crazy about it until my husband asked on our first u/s "when do we get to see the 3-D pictures!?" and I thought that was soo endearing that now I want to do it.  He's all for it, which is surprising in a great way.
But I gotta wait a looong time.
I think you still have time.  LauraB78 got hers done at like 32-34 weeks, I can't remember.  Do you have any other imaging places that do it? Sometimes it varies by place.
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All the other places are an hour + away and lots of highway/city driving...neither of which I would want to do to go to a place I have never been...I am a country bumpkin lol  

I guess us paying for it is really a non-issue lol I was just thinking, maybe being a little greedy, that it would be nice to just have done and not have to pay =)  Too late for Christmas...but my bday is Jan. 9 and my Grandmother still sends me a card with a bday check AND my mom does something (money or a gift that I ask for) so maybe between the two of them I could come close to getting it...I might be able to push my luck this bday ;)
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Hey, its your last b-day before baby, I'm sure everyone will understand, plus the grandma's would loooove to see a pic of their grandbaby before he's born.
I wish they would offer that at your doctor's, why do you need to go somewhere else to get it done by people that are not necessarily medical staff.  I saw a website here where you can start your own business doing those 3-D u/s!  

Hmmm something to think about when I go on maternity leave....
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That is a good deal! I got the same exact things and I paid $165.00 for mine and it was the best thing I ever did! And my doctor and the 3D Ultrasound Tech said the best time to do it is between 28-32 weeks, so its perfect! I had mine done at exactly 32 weeks and she said my fluid was beautiful and I got some of the best pictures she'd ever seen! So my advice would be to wait until you are 30-32 weeks or so...that way he's more developed and you'll be able to see more.
It was awesome though, I definitely think you should do it!! Most of the 3D places are far because there's not too many of them in each state. We drove 45 minutes to get to ours..but it was well worth it!
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Maybe I'll wait till 30w...that is my new dilemna...when to get it done...I just emailed my mom about it as a bday present (not only from her...) AND I tossed out the idea of somehow incorporating it into my shower...Maybe have a little thing on a table with a print out of the website, and ask people for donations and enter them in a raffle or something...IDK...my invites were handmade and already stuffed into their envelopes so it is too late to add to it...BUT maybe when people RSVP my godmother could mention this...just an idea...

I sound terrible trying to get other people to pay lol  Shameless even...this is so not like me lol
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It's really good. Mine was 60 minutes with unlimited printed pictures, a CD ROM with all the pics, and a VHS tape for $120-125. The price goes up every time I check their website out. The DVD alone is worth that price. I worry about our VHS falling apart.
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Hey, mine was a very similar "holiday special" package that was $150! I was 33-34 weeks when I got mine! =)   You definitely have time and post the pics when you get 'em! Sounds totally reasonable to me!
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