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Coles first Appointment

I went to my sons first check up today, and they said that hes eating too much. I didnt think there was a such thing, they said its cause he was 7lbs 11oz when born, and 7lbs 6oz when we left the hospital, and his doctor said they dont usually gain there birth weight back until 2 weeks old, hes one week old and weighs 7lbs 12 oz, he eats 2 oz every 2 hours or 2 half hours... is that too much, is his doctor right?
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Yeah, typically only eat 1-2 oz. every 3-4 oz. They're first week. Second week can go up to 2-3 hours. That's what my Pediatricians have always told me, and I have 4. How old is he?
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hes a week old now, but he screams for a bottle every two hours and eats 1.5 to 2 oz everytime. im not forcing it on him.
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Matthew eats every 3 hours on the dot and he weighed 7lbs 14 oz when he was born....7lb 9oz when we left the hospital and 7lbs 6oz at his first appointment...at his two week appointment he weighed 8lbs 5oz and my doctor said he was doing just fine. I think if you arent force feeding him and he actually is really hungry at those times then there's probably nothing wrong with it...he's just a hungry little man. He'll prolly just be a chubby baby :) as long as he doesnt get dangerously over weight (which would be really hard to do) then there is nothing wrong with a little baby fat lol some babies just love to eat!
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Yeah, I'd say go ahead and feed him. If he's crying for it he's obviously hungry! =) Use your Momma instincts on this one. Momma's know better than Dr's a lot of times!! =)
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My friends baby is 3 months old and in size 12months. He's a big baby the Dr said the same thing to her that she didn't need to feed him so much. She continues to feed him when he's hungry. Some babies eat more than others and some eat less. I wouldn't worry if he's healthy and your not forcing him to over eat.
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I say...if he is hungry feed him! Doctors these days are very worried about children being fat as babies and carrying it on into adulthood. I personally think that chubby babies are much cuter than skinny ones.

A little meat on the bones never hurt anyone. Babies tend to lose most of that baby fat by age  2 anyways, because their more mobile then.
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When my son was born, in the hospital, they told me to feed him 2oz every 3 hours. That didn't cut it for him, the nurse practically yelled at my husband when she saw him feeding him at about 2 hours. He was crying bloody murder. As soon as I brought him home from the hospital he drank 4oz on his own. He was good for about 4 hours. He was big at birth (9lbs 1oz) and he has always been a big boy. Now he is 4 1/2 and weight about 42lbs which is good for his age. Very active and not fat at all.
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Yea he was eating about 20-25 ml when first born, then a couple days later he started drinking 30-40.  Now he wants the whole 50ml, every two hours, excpet for now it was only an hour and half between feedings and he screamed bloody murder, but he didnt eat all of it, but hes awake now playing on facebook with daddy! lol  hell prolly finish his bottle before the hour is up that its good for.  

I just dont want any health problems with him!  he is my world. I love him soo much, and i already have enough worries with him, cause of his bump on his head where they had to use the vacuum to get him out cause i wouldnt stretch far enough.  so now im constantly worried about that, cause my niece had it done when she was born and the blood got into her brain, almost caused her brain damage.  plus he is slightly jaundice, and the doctor said the blood in his head could make it worse.  And the fact that my fiancee has already lost a child, just makes us worry sooo much more, its so exhausting, on top of bein exhausted from no sleep, and i havnt really been eating much, i havnt had an appitite since I had him.  

ugh sorry to ramble, im just tired and losing my mind
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Both my girls are big eaters:) My 8 month old wears size 2T right now but she is also off the charts for height. I know she will slim up after she shoots up in height. My 2 year old was the same way as a baby...super chubby but skinny as a rail now that her height caught up to her:) maybe he will be a tall little guy? If so he needs the extra weight for when he shoots up taller:)
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If he is hungry feed him.Your doctor is wrong. My son never lost weight.He was born at 6lb 15oz and at a week old he was 8lb. He put on 1lb a week for the first 8 weeks. He was a big chubby baby and was 20lb at 4months. It doesnt mean they are going to be fat.He is 19 months now and weighs 26lb which is perfect for his age and height.
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I agree with the other ladies you're the momma go with your instincts. doctors aren't there when baby is hungry at 3AM and as long as he's not vomiting because he's eating too much...he's obviously just as hungry as he's "pretending" to be!! So feed him what he feels like he needs....doctors know best when it comes to sickness but when it comes to nurturing and those little things only a momma knows :). My daughter ate like Cole and she's always been on the lower percentiles for weight.....She was 7lb6oz when she was born, 6lb13oz when she left the hospital...and she was eating about 1.5-2oz every 2 hrs and by her 2wk check-up she was exactly 7lb6oz again....but now that she's 20 months she's 85% for height (33inches) but still only 34% (24lbs) for weight and she eats like crazy all the time. some babies just have a faster metabolism!!!
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Ive never heard so much rubbish that your dr is talking. 2oz every 2 hours is perfect. Go ahead and feed him, your doing a great job.
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Doctors can be full of crap just like everyone else.  My kids gained their birth weight back very fast and continued to be on the top of the weight charts and at times OVER the top,  until they become more mobile then they slowed down.  I dont' believe in feeding only on a set schedule.  I think you should feed your baby when he is hungry not when someone tells you too.  As some of the others said, as long as you aren't forcing him to eat, just go with his cues and feed when HE is hungry.  Every baby is different.  

Frankly if a pediatrician told me that I'd seriously be reconsidering my choice of doctors.  Dont' let this doctor make you feel like your doing a bad job becuase you aren't.  Many babies have much higher metabolisms than most therefore they are hungry more often.  Just keep doing what you have been doing.  

I know it's hard not to worry.  You are doing a wonderful job.  I seriously doubt your son is going to have health problems from eating when he is hungry.  
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Okay thanks ladies, but he does spit up once and awhile. I burp him all the time.  and today he threw up while laying down and it went into his eye, i rubbed warm water on his eye, i didnt know what else to do, but hes fine now hes opening it and everything, but he also threw up on his blanket and i looked at it and there as alil green in it? wats that mean?
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that should be ok...probably just bile. vomit and bloating (signs of overfeeding) are different from spit-up. the best indicator of spit-up "health" is smell....a light sour-milk smell is "normal" and as long as the color isn't TOO off, it should be ok :) sorry would type more but my DD is asleep on right arm lol
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Aww yea, i can finally say i know how that is..  My arm hurts so bad from him always resting his huge head there.. lol..
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LOL only gets worse the bigger their noggins get ;) but its a wonderful feeling isnt it???
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Yes I love being a mommy, except the constant worry. Like right now hes laying next to me taking a nap and i cant stop looking over to make sure hes still breathing.  I wish i didnt know about SIDS. it scars the crap out of me, and makes me feel like im crazy and losin it.
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I know exactly what you mean..it doesn't get any less worrisome, but you get better at balancing your worry with everything else...and as they get older the worries change from "is he still alive?!" to simpler things like "is he getting enough calories/tummy time?" so you won't always be "losing it" hehe :)
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Like Ashelen said, what you described sounds like normal spit up.  Regardless of how much you burp them babies are gonna spit up.
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Okay thats good to know.  i was just worried, is it okay that it went into his eye. and did i do the right thing by usin some warm water around it?
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yeah it's fine and you did the right thing. they actually use breast-milk to treat things like pink-eye, believe it or not, because of the natural probiotics...and while formula isn't quite the same thing..it's the same principle...it's harmless for the eye :)
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You did fine.  It might have stung a little from the stomach acids but more than likely if he cried at all it was becuase it scared him more than anything.  You did exactly what you should have.
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my 2nd DS was born 7 lbs 8 ozs, down to 7 lbs 2 ozs when we left the hospital and at his 2 week check up he weighed 10.5 lbs!!!!!!! I had them re weigh him 3 times!! No one ever acussed me of over feeding him. I honesty dont think your over feeding him. Hunter (2nd DS) was my only chunky baby but when he got to walking he slimmed out. I wouldnt worry about all the numbers and percentages. As long as he is growing and happy and healthy you are doing fine:~)
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