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Implantation Bleeding at 8dpo?

I'm 25 and DH is 30. We have been trying to conceive baby #1 for 14 months. After using OPKs for several months I discovered I have a luteal phase defect (7-10 days). First i tried B-Complex which actually delayed my ovulation, so i stopped taking that and have started using natural progesterone cream for the first time this month. I'm at 9 dpo now but yesterday at 8dpo i had very light spotting that only appeared on the toliet paper after I wiped. The spotting started out light brown and turned into a very faded, barely noticable light pink color. It only lasted for about 3 hours and then it disappeared (no tampon or pad needed). The spotting was over by noon yesterday and I haven't had any spotting since then. However, I am having a lot of clear watery discharge, some light cramps and I've been feeling UTI like symptoms since yesterday morning when the spotting started... it doesn't burn when i pee and it isn't cloudy or smelly, its just the constant urge to pee but when i go i pee a normal amount.  Spotting isn't unusual for me, i normally spot for a day or two before AF arrives but this is different because it only lasted for about 3 hours and then disappeared, also i've never felt the UTI like symptoms associated with the spotting. Does this sound like implantation bleeding or just the start of a period? AF isn't due until tomorrow (which is 10 dpo). I have some preg tests (internet cheapies) but don't want to waste them if it is too early to test, plus i would rather see AF than another neg preg test!

So to summarize... does my spotting sound like implantation spotting or the beginning of AF? And what is the earliest you got your BFP and what brand of test did you use when you got it! Thanks!  
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It IS very possible it COULD be implantation bleeding. And you're right, might as well wait to test. IF this was implant. bleeding, even IF you don't get AF tomorrow, you may want to wait a couple of days to test. I think it's suppose to take like 48 hrs after implantation for the hcg to show up.
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Thanks so much for your response! I guess its just all a waiting game at this point, which ***** bc i'm terribly impatient! LOL! My period is NEVER late, as a matter of fact it normally starts the night before it's supposed to show up! So if AF doesn't show up tomorrow then my hopes will definitely be high that this month maybe my BFP! **crosses fingers** I've heard that 13dpo is when most people get their first BFP so I'm thinking I'll need to wait until Friday to test (i'll be at 13 dpo then) assuming AF doesn't show her ugly face before Friday!

Anyone tested with internet cheapies and got positives earlier than 13 dpo??  

**TONS of baby dust to all**
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your welcome. Yeah it's always the waiting game. And it ***** cause it's ALL you can really do!!! I've known people to get it before 13dpo. BUT who knows IF they really ovulated when they  thought they did. And everyone is different. I knew someone who didn't should POS on a blood test or pee test till they were like 7 months!!! Crazy. My sister has had 6 kids, she used the dollar store brand every time. Usually the day before she was due. BUT I'm sure after that many, you just know.
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somone waited 7 months?!?! Thats craziness! WOW! I'm hoping AF doesn't show up today and I can test tonight! Its my bday and would be an awesome gift! But I've started spotting a tiny bit again so I'm really expecting her to appear at any time! Will keep you updated!
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