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OB vs Widwife?

I'm trying to decide what direction I want to go with my prenatal care and delivery. I figured the best way to decide is hearing first hand accounts of the different experiences you've all had. Why did you choose an OB? Why did you choose a midwife?
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I had my first with an OB - she was great, but I was young and just kinda went with the flow so I couldn't tell you whether she was truly good or not.

With my 2nd I had an OB and I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED her.  My husband and I would have had ALL of our kids with her if we could have.  She just had that caring, compassionate personality!  

My 3rd and 4th I saw a combo of OB's and midwives.  It was a military hospital that had both.  One was delivered by the midwife and I had a drug-free birth.  I don't attribute that to the midwife though, it was the supportive nurses/techs I had during delivery.  The other was delivered by a doctor that I had never met until he walked in to deliver my son.  

My last two were delivered by an OB - he's ok, but not great.  The only reason I have not switched is because he is literally the only doctor in this small town that is willing to let me VBAC.  I tried to switch to a diff ob with my last baby but they all wanted to do a repeat c/s even though I had VBAC'd 4 previous times.  Crazy, huh?  I DID try to find a midwife because I feel I would have been much happier with that approach this last time, but couldn't find one within 2 hours of where I live.  

If you are wanting as minimal amount of medical intervention as necessary, someone who is going to be in tune with your body and your baby, that will take the time to address your concerns, be there to answer your questions and not feel rushed.  I would probably go the midwife route.  

IF I were to get pregnant again, I will again try to find a midwife around here.  If not I will be considering driving out of town for my prenatal care and delivery with a different OB.  

To answer you questions, I never really chose one over the other, it just sort of happened that way.  With my first I didn't even know what a midwife WAS, I just knew pregnant women saw obstetricians and so I did.  With my 2nd, I was at a military hospital and got the first doctor that was available.  You actually don't see the same doctor you see a group of them, whoever has open appts when you need them, but I liked the one we first got so we scheduled all of our appointments around her schedule.  It was the same with #'s 3 and 4.  Another military hospital, this one just happened to have more midwives than ob's in their ob unit.  Again, I made my appointments around the schedule of the one I rreally liked, she just happened to be a midwife.  As I said before, #5 and 6, I wasn't really left with much choice but to use an OB.  

Hope this helps :) Good luck!
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I see I combo of both. I have obgyn and two midwives that I have seen over my last two pregnancies.  all of them have been equally great to deal with my frist children were delivered by midwives and my third would have been also but the Dr happened to right on floor when I was ready to deliver. each time they were all equally great.  I would suggest u look around and find a practice that you feel comfortable dealing with
I know where I am the midwives work under the supervision of the md in case something goes wrong
good luck
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I chose a midwife. Basically, I wanted a natural childbirth and just a natural approach to pregnancy and birth in general. Because I have to be on bedrest during pregnancy, I also have to work with a group of midwives and OB's in case I deliver before 36 weeks then I have to go to the hospital. But as long as I make it 36 weeks with no complications, my midwife can deliver me. (This has been the case each time, thankfully!) With a midwife, it's a more personal experience. I was able to call, email, or text my midwife whenever I needed and never had to go through anyone else, I always talked to her directly. She is like a friend to me, even after my pregnancies are over. All 3 of my birth experiences were amazing and pretty much the way I wanted them to go.  It's not for everyone, but it has worked well for me, even though I had preterm labor issues. If you are considering a midwife (for homebirth, birthing center, or hospital birth) I can give you some references. Just PM me.
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I have an OB.  He has been my OB/GYN since I was 15.  I love him and wouldn't want to have anyone else.  It would be hard for me to have to have another doctor at this point.  You CAN still have a natural childbirth w/ an OB.  You would give birth in a hospital, but no one can make you or force you to take pain meds or have drug intervention.  To me, unforseen things can happen.  It happened w/ my first baby AFTER he was born, by about 6 hours.  He simply stopped breathing and this was almost 18 years ago.  He was in intensive care for a week and sent home on a monitor so I would know if he stopped breathing.  It was REALLY scary.  Had he been born at a birthing center and I had been sent home right afterwards, he wouldn't be here today more than likely.  So, I prefer to be in a hospital and I prefer my baby be monitored and close to medical help, should he/she need it.  I am not saying that birthing centers are bad.  Many people have babies at them and it's just fine for them.  My preference is the added protection of being in a hospital.  It's just what I am most comfortable with.  As far as natural approaches...from everything I have seen on here from ladies that see midwives....my doctor doesn't run any tests that they don't get done through a midwife.  My doctor doesn't do any more intervention than the midwives I have seen talked about on here.  He just does the standard type prenatal testing.  I just turned 36 last month.  Technically if you are going to be 35 by the time you deliver, they offer the amnio option.  I got the standard Downs blood test that is administered by your choice only and turned the amnio down.  I would never terminate, but had the blood come back +, I'd have wanted them to rerun it (it does tend to have a high false positive rate), and then had the amnio simply so I could be prepared for any health problems my child might have been born with.  I am big on research and preparation.  Blood test came back fine and the u/s looked good so I won't have the amnio.  

I didn't really read other responses, but I know that in some instances, OBs and midwives work together so you can kind of have both if you want.

If you do decide to go the OB route, my suggestion is to tell them what you want and make sure you are on the same page.  Do that in the beginning so that if you have differing view points, you know it from the beginning.  Then you can simply find another healthcare provider.  My doctor actually will speak w/ you for a few minutes after your first OB visit just to allow you to ask questions and to let you kind of know what to expect.  He also gives you a book.  Of course you can ask questions anytime too :)
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I choose a midwife, and I know I had my reasons at the time but I really just can't think of them right now--helpful I know, LOL.

I would do your research on different ones in your area, and work out what you want in terms of birth plan, delivery, etc and find one that suits your needs.
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I chose a midwife because when I found out I was pregnant, I wasn't quite four weeks yet, and I was nervous. I had had a m/c six months prior and I just wanted reassurance. I called the ob's office and they wouldn't see me until my second missed period, which is normal, but I have low progesterone during pregnancy. So, they made my appt with the midwife in the same practice.

She was very kind and spent lots of time with me and knew me by name. I'm not sure if that would have happened with an OBGYN
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