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Ok, I know I have 20-25 pounds to lose still after having Elijah, and I know I have time to "workout" while he's napping, but why is it that people have to put you down when you mention starting a new diet or exercise regimen? I know it's so "easy" for some people to just stop in their tracks, change everything that comes in a grocery bag, and eat whatever healthy meal they want...but with a one year old, and a husband, I can't just make everything about me! Granted, I could eat salad every meal and become a skinny bean pole person, and not be healthy...but DANGIT!!! Can we say supportive, and encouraging? Maybe? NOPE! I get the "yeah right, I'll believe you when I see it"...I know it's been a year since I had Elijah, and I did have back pain from the spinal up until recently it's started going away, but I could really use encouragement not criticism...it's hard enough getting back into the habit after not working out in so long...
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Screw 'em. I have never been able to understand people who say mean and hurtful things and think they are being encouraging. Don't worry about them, do things in your own way and time and in a manner that is right for you and your family. Stay positive and try to avoid people who bring you down.
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Well, it's even my husband occasionally. He doesn't always think before he speaks, and isn't the most sensitive guy in the world, but usually he doesn't mention it...he knows the consequences.
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Oh...I'm sorry!  That stinks!  Losing weight post baby has been so much harder than I could ever imagine...I sympathize completely!  Hang in there and focus on being healthy.  A healthy mom is the most important thing...not a skinny mom lol  

Its funny because while I was pregnant, I figured I'd exercise every day after my son was born and diet and be pre-preg size no problem...NOT HAPPENING!  My son is so demanding I have to stop exercise videos a few minutes into them...he no longer naps very long so I can't do it when he naps..,I can only go for walks with him and thats IF he's not too fussy or raining...like it did yesterday, is doing today and will tomorrow!
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I'm sorry. A therapist that comes to my office (substance abuse clinic) twice a week just told me when I told him I was pregnant that I was going to "double in size and good luck." People are insensitive and buy into the societal pressures of being stick thin. Research has shown that women who love their bodies and are confident are portraying an image that causes other people to begin perceiving them the way they're projecting. In other words, if you project "i'm confident and i'm hot" vibes, other ppl will begin to see you the same way!

besides that, ppl are jackas*es so.... screw'em!!!
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People are cruel. Some women leave the hospital their pre-pregnancy size, this is NOT the "norm!" I was sooo sick while pregnant and gained 75 pounds, I have basically only lost 20 pounds so far. I still have 50+ pounds to go.My son is 6 months old. Babies are demanding, and every baby and every family and every woman is different. Don't be hard on yourself, losing weight is challenging in itself. When you throw back or health issues, a new baby, no sleep, etc, in the mix, it's honestly a "wonder" women ever get back to even close to their pre-pregnancy sizes!! You are NOT alone, I know it's frustrating, believe me, I understand the "not so sensitive man," but ultimately, you need to be healthy and happy.. The weight will come off when and if it comes off.. You only live once! Don't sweat it! You are beautiful as you are!
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20-25 lbs isn't bad!!!  I've been struggling w/that much all of my life.  I lose 20-30 and it comes back, later.  That's when I know I've gone off my diet and am enjoying myself too much, and I have to jump back on the eat-right wagon.  It's all in what you eat, when, how much.  

I have 2 sons.  Each time, after birth/pregnancy, I got myself onto a strict diet and lost the baby-fat in a mo.  I didn't eat what my EX-dh  would eat and my sons always had a different diet, also.  I still have my own diet.  DH, now, has his own diet, but @dinner-time, we eat the same thing.  

Just eat in moderation and make sure everything you eat is healthy and good for you.  Excercise will come later.  Take the baby to the park.  Go for a stroll around town w/baby.  I did it alot.  Take care and don't stress or worry.  FitTV on direct t.v. is marvelous.  Check-it-out!!!  O:-)
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