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Prayers ladies!!!

Some of you may have seen Ashelen's post about ovarian cysts/pain...she's hopefully on her way to the hospital right now to get checked out. I'm not sure what's going on, I haven't heard anything in half an hour from her. Please send prayers her way that whatever is causing all this pain is an easy fix, and that her hospital stay will be short. I'm going to be texting her husband in a little bit to see what's going on.
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OH no !!! i HOPE ALL IS OK.  I'll be checking back for an update!!!!
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Praying! she hasnt had an easy time, with her Headaches either... :(.

Hope she is okay.

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praying for her!
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I hope everything will turn out ok for her. Hopefully you're able to post a positive update soon.
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She is at the hospital, I don't know anything else yet.
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You know im praying, still waiting...with you :(

xoxo Ivy,, stay brave!
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Amanda, did you get my text?
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NM, obviously you did you texted back.
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Thank you all so much for your prayers and support...I really need it right now. I went to the hospital and they said that they found a cluster of cysts on my right ovaries (like a bunch of grapes they said)....but that they don't think that's the only cause of my pain. I'm in agony right now. They sent me home with meds for nausea and pain and they want me to come back to the ER after 24hours to be evaluated further...apparently the doctor said he has a hunch but what he thinks it is might take a little while to show up and he knows I would be happier at home...

idk but kidney stones and labor never hurt this bad :(.
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Hopefully it's just the cysts! *HUGS* Hang in there! Text me if you feel up to talking later on, I'll be here!
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Oh no. I hope they get whatever it is fixed and get you back to normal..I am so sorry that you have to go through this...

Thank you smj for updating us on her
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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers please let me know how it goes.
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oh no im sorry!! im praying for you!!
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Im so sorry fingers crossed all is okay!!!!! Prayers!
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I'm praying that everything is going to be ok and easily treatable ((HUGS)) - I so wish I could give you that in person!!!!!
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thanks again ladies...I'm hanging in there. They said if the pain medicine was managing it I could wait another day and the doc said if his hunch is right another day will help their diagnostics..I REALLY wish he had told me what his hunch was...but since today is Kahlan's birthday I wanted to try to stay home if I could and the pain meds are helping a lot so I've been able to stay home..I'll be going in tomorrow to get the rest of the tests done...I hope whatever it is the doc is waiting on shows up because I'm going crazy not knowing what it is that's hurting so bad :(.

But all of your support and prayers have been wonderful thank you so much <3
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:( feel better sweetie.  I'm so sorry you have to go through this
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I hope you find out and it's nothing to serious.
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let us know what you find out!
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