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Hey girls, I am feeling pretty low.  I think these hormones are sabotaging who I am.  I am super sensitive, and feel uglier than I have ever felt.  I feel like my husband would rather not have sex with me (for no reason) and I keep causing fights with him.  I keep thinking he thinks I am ugly and gross.  I keep feeling like he hates me.  What is wrong with me?  Is there anything I can do to stop feeling this way?
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Im going thru the same thing. It *****. It's like no matter what u do its never enough. No matter how many showers I take, or do my make up or my hair or dress nicely it'd like I still feel hideous. How far r u? Im 31w5d and I've gained 15 pounds. But I feel huge and ugly. Idk what else to do. I pick fights with my husband too. We literally just fought over nothing and now im aitting here like what the hell is wrong with me. He always helps me in tge house and i dont even have to ask. He always helps with the kids. He kisses me every night before we go to sleep and tells me he loves me all the time... I dnt have an answer for u I just wanted to let u know that ur not alone.
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There's nothing wrong with you, all of those feelings are completely normal while pregnant. I used to feel really depressed early on about how I look and stuff because pre pregnancy I think I looked pretty good. Well now I just don't look at myself in pictures and stuff. I just try to think about my baby, its all about her. I want more than anything for her to be healthy and happy. I will pull myself together after she's born. Believe me, its just the hormones and just a phase, these feelings will not last forever. In the meantime, paint your nails or curl your hair, put on some make up, get a pedicure, do a few things that will make you feel pretty.
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Your not alone :( I'm so sensitive right now and I feel like I can't talk to anyone because they won't understand. How far along are you? I'm 33 weeks. I constantly think my husband thinks I'm disgusting. This is my second child , my first is 10 months old and I got major stretch marks. I know in the end they don't matter but I feel so ugly and I feel like I'm not good enough for my husband. I've been out  on bedrest but with a 10 month old I can only rest so much. When my husband gets home from work I lay down and yesterday he got upset because a few dishes were dirty and it made me so mad and sad at the same time. It's like I'm pregnant and tired and just because I didn't do the dishes one time I get a dirty look. I'm sorry your going through a rough time and If u ever want to talk I'm here. Just remember YOURE NOT ALONE. And as for ways to change the way you feel I would say talk to your hubby about how you're feeling or write him a letter.
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its normal i was like that with my first n will probley be same soon ,my husband does everything to show he loves me n tell me im more beautiful pregnant but i hated looking at pics people took of me n i feel like no matter what i did i would look bad ,i guess its mainly hormones co im same when on my period lol

hope u feel better soon
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My baby was born on june 16th. I gained 100 pounds!  Ha and i made so much stuff up in my head about him hating me and cheating because of how I felt about myself not how he felt. And thats the most important thing you feel it,  dont let yourself believe everything you feel. I lost 30 pounds so far and my babys a month and i still think about what hes thinking constantly and hate that he doesnt want to have sex as much as me and i immediately take it against myself. I know this probably didnt help but just wanted you to know its normal. But dont let it get bad because it has taken its toll on our relationship
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I have been feeling really down too :( I feel like my husband isnt attracted to me like I am to him . I just feel like no matter what i do, its not right & i constantly feel hideous! Heeelllpppp!
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I am 5 months now.  I have gained about 8 pounds but I am already overweight, and have been working on it for a long time.  I just lost 30 pounds before I got pregnant.  Now I see my already big belly getting bigger, and my nipples getting darker, and I am thinking I must look horrible.  I have also been breaking out as well.  It just *****.  I feel like such an ugly dog sometimes.
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