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Spotting Trouble

Can someone tell me the difference between spotting and your actual period. Im so confused I cant tell which is which??
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The bleeding (if it's a period) will resemble your normal flow and length of time. Spotting is more or less as it sounds. Scanty amounts of blood that might be visible on your underwear or after you go to the bathroom.
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"Are You pregnant'?
As You should be careful with any bleeding.
Spotting is as it sounds, small amounts of blood usually lighter in color, it may be there when you wipe but your period is more blood and darker it is the same as your usual period maybe a little heavier or lighter depending on your flow
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I spot every month without fail it's a pain, but it is usually brown or pink, sometimes very light red... Your period will be heavier and be more consistent, it should start light then get heavier or vice versa :-)
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yea my period is usually like that start light then get heavier. but this time it stayed light but it went back and forth from bright red to pink then brown. now its completely gone. it lasted two days. I dont know if im pregnant or not. i dont know if this is implantation bleeding or just an early period. i am confused everything i read says implantation bleeding comes a few days before your period starts (it did) but pink or brown in color. but it was such a mix of all those colors thats where im confused at. im thinkking since it was red and not pink or brown it was just an early period, but it lasted to days but my periods last longer. Im just confused.
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When are you due for Af?

Have you tested yet? If it's lighter then your normal period, you could be pregnant :-)
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im new to this site so im not sre about all the lingo just yet lol... what does Af mean? im gonna take a test tomorrow
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AF means Aunt Flow a.k.a your period.
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oh ok she was supposed to come today jan 20th
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Let us know when you test :-)
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ok ladies it started again this morning. should i still take a test or should i just be safe to say that this was just an early period?
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you should test two weeks from wen yu spotted. and if yu dnt get ur period still test and if negative go seea doctor it could mean something else is wrong ;)
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ok this is what im confused about. i dont know if this is my period or not. i mean it feels like i have it but its not heavy or flowing like it usually does. is it early or am i spotting? I honestly cannot tell the difference
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I just went through the same thing.  I had never experienced any "spotting" before and didn't have a clue what counted as "spotting" or "light flow."  I had been on the pill for about ten years (on and off) so I was used to being like clockwork.  When DH and I started TTC in August I went of the pill (obviously) and then had two long, but relatively stable cycles.  Then I went 62 days with no AF and a whole bunch of negative pregnancy tests.  Last Friday I had stomach cramps and thought "Finally!" (and then, of course, cried a little inside since this would apparently not be my month).  I went to the bathroom and sure enough I was bleeding pinkish/red.  I put in a tampon and went about the rest of my day at work.

When I got home from work and went to the bathroom again though, there was nothing on the tampon, in the toilet, or on the toilet paper (sorry if TMI).  I went the rest of the night without a thing, woke up the next morning and had very light pink blood when I wiped (but, again, nothing on my pantyliner and nothing in the toilet).  It almost was an orangey "creamsicle" sort of color with the light pink mixing with my urine.  After that morning, I had nothing again for the rest of the day/night!  I was starting to think I was going crazy!  The next day it started all over again but now it was undeniably brownish in color and I had very small brown clots at times.  But still very little, only visible when wiping and not even enough to merit a pantyliner.  This continued for 5 DAYS!!!

So, obviously, I kept convincing myself that this was implantation bleeding, but I struggled through five days of spotting without a clue what was going on (it was definitely too early to take a test).  Long and short is, finally on day 6 after the "spotting" began AF arrived in all her glory.  Not so thrilled she is here, but at least now I have an answer.

For your sake (assuming you are TTC) I hope this is implantation bleeding as it could certainly be the case.  But, I'm chiming in just to let you know that I walked around like a crazy person for a 5 DAYS wondering what in the world my body was putting me through, to finally have a full blown AF arrive.  

I was certain I wouldn't be able to tell when my "spotting" would begin to qualify as AF and vice versa - I worried a lot about it.  But, I have to say, having just gone through it that it was, in fact, pretty obvious when it happened.  I woke up on day 6 just "feeling" like my period had arrived and, sure enough, the flow increased and I needed a tampon.  I also was quite like you and thought what I was experiencing surely couldn't be "just spotting" since I also thought of spotting as something very, very minimal lasting a few hours (not days).  After spending waaay too much time Googling this issue, it does seem as if "spotting" can be a little heavier than I, at least, always considered it to be.  

I guess my final comment is that you should listen to your body -- if it doesn't "feel" like your AF, then you should be aware of it and still assume that you haven't started AF and act accordingly.  

Hope my story helps!
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thats your story does help. its just really driving me crazy. its taking me on this wild roller coaster ride. it doesnt seem like a normal period because of the fact it hasnt gotten heavier. it does feel like AF because of the cramps but the cramps only lasted the first day. so im just confused all in all.
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well i took the test and it was negative so now im confused all over again. i took it in the evening. does that have any effect on it?
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