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THC and Pregnancy

Im 29 weeks pregnant and I stopped smoking pot 2 weeks ago so around my 27th week. Will my baby test negative of THC at the time of birth
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Did you just find out you were pregnant at 27 weeks or did you know you were pregnant? The chances of the baby testing positive are low, but without sounding harsh I have to ask, are you afraid of the baby testing positive because you are worried that DHR will become involved? Because you feel guilty and wonder if you'll be in trouble?
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Smoking marijuana during pregnancy may affect your baby's growth and the development of his nervous system. Studies have shown that children who were exposed to marijuana during pregnancy sometimes have problems focusing their attention and solving problems.

Children of heavy pot users may also have problems with short-term memory, concentration, and judgment. (There's no evidence so far, however, that marijuana use during pregnancy causes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

One study even found that young children whose mothers smoked marijuana during pregnancy had a higher risk of leukemia than those whose mothers did not.

What's more, there's no way to know if the pot you're smoking has been laced with other drugs (such as PCP) or contaminated with pesticides, which would put your baby at even higher risk. And using marijuana increases the chance that your baby will have birth defects if you're also drinking alcohol or smoking tobacco.

If you smoked pot before you realized you were pregnant, don't panic. The chance that your baby has been affected is very small. Still, it's important to be honest with your practitioner about your previous use of pot and other recreational drugs. She may want to run some extra tests to be sure your baby is developing normally.

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I believe it takes like 30 days for THC to get out of the system so by the time you give birth, you should not test positive anymore..
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The information above about the testing is incorrect.

If they test the baby's meconium, which they do routinely, it will test POSITIVE. meconium will test positive for ANY drug use at ANY point of the pregnancy.

Honestly, it doesn't much matter if you test positive or not. THC has risks associated with it, and you need to inform your OB of your use so they can monitor the baby for possible complications.

But I just want to let you know...I've had more than a few moms on here who thought they could fool a drug test by stopping well before delivery, but they don't realize that meconium will test positive no matter when you smoked.

Chances are that the baby is fine. But for the baby's safety, you really should inform your OB. Since you have stopped smoking, you aren't going to get into any trouble for telling them - in fact they will be grateful that they know so they can monitor the baby and assure his/her safety.

Best of luck
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I agree with everything Ashelen said but want to add to it:

I know there is the fear of reprocussions for admitting you have done drugs while pregnant.  I can say that you are FAR LESS likely to have any legal action against you if you OWN UP TO IT NOW!!!! AND QUIT!

Even if you quit now and don't do anything else throughout the duration of your pregnancy, if they test the baby's meconium and it's positive, LEGALLY they HAVE to report it to child welfare. (Atleast here in the states, I don't know where you are) However, if you are up front and honest with your doctor s/he will know and will more than likely HELP  you rather than report you.  The doctor needs to be aware of this in order to watch for developmental issues and to keep an eye out for any possible withdrawals or birth defects.

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First of all, if that is true, than the baby could test positive for marijuana if the mother had smoked early in her pregnancy before she even knew she was carrying a baby. Also, in California, doctors actually prescribed marijuana for morning sickness. I know of numerous women who have smoked during pregnancy, and while I don't condone this behavior, none of them ever had their babies taken away. Nor were they even questioned about their pot use during pregnancy.
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Don't listen to what they're saying. People who are not pot smokers are usually very anti pot despite it's benefits. There are zero proven studies of adverse side effects on babies whose mom's smoke. Mainly because they also smoke ciggs or did other drugs so tests are inaccurate. I don't agree with pot smoking during pregnancy but hey you stopped which is HUGE. Don't worry about it
hurting your baby, it is a natural herb and has never hurt or killed a single person. Tons of women smoke ciggs and therr babies end up having tons of problems. The only thing is they do drug test in a lot of hospitals. It can stay in the baby's meconium for a long time. Drink lots of water abd cranberry juice. Also insist on keeping the baby in your room and as long as you change the first poopy diaper they can't test the meconium. I mean honestly they don't seem so concerned about what they should be like moms who drink or do crazy drugs. Wishing you all the best!! Congrats :)
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