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They said my son may have a whole in his heart... :-(

Lord knows the last thing I need in my life is negativity. But GOD says that their is nothing or no one higher than him... So I believe in that phrase!!! They said that my son may have a hole in his heart and it literally broke my heart!!! I cried from the hospital all the way to my father's house!!! The thought of my son coming into this world not healthy is unbaring!!! I love him so much already and I pray that this isn't true! I just need some encouraging words because I feel like I can't go anymore... :-(
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I'm so sorry that you're going through this....are they going to be able to tell you before he's born?? i really hope everything turns out okay sweetie...hang in there. little miracles happen every day <3.
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I have a friend who is in his 40s and was born with a hole in his heart.. he is healthy... will they have a cardiologist follow up with you?  How many weeks are you?
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Yeah... I have an app on the 25th or 26th and he'll be bigger so they'll be able to tell me for sure then I guess!
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Well my boyfriend's mother said that she was born with one and she's still here and my father said that they told him twice he had one and twice he didn't so I guess he'll be okay. It's just the thought and ow damaging it sounds you know?
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hi sorry to hear about it. usaully they said ultrasound is not as accurate about birth defect when did they told u about this like how many weeks were u pragnant . just pray to God every thing will be okay  miracle happend in this world every momnet so dont be dissapoint and when he born as a healthy baby plz let us know that he is perfectly fine wish u best luck take care
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I will pray for you and your little one... I know what it feels like to get some scary news.. all we have is to leave it in GOD's hands... Please let me know how that appointment goes...
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I'm so sorry to hear this...BUT trust and have faith in God. There's so much advanced technology out there...plus you never know, if he really does have one, it may heal before he's born. *HUGS* Stay strong, and let us know how your appointment goes! I'll keep you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers!
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I was 23 weeks and 2 days... And thank you so much! I try not to cry so much because I don't want him to be a cry baby
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I will! Thanks
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My son TJ was born with 3 holes in his heart. I'm proud to say that after corrective surgery he's a healthy little guy today (19 mo old!)

Much of the time heart problems can be fixed by meds and time. There are multiple meds that can be used to help with the higher or lower pressures in the heart once a baby is born, and there are even plenty of times that the heart can heal before birth.

keep faith. I am a christian myself, and can tell you wholeheartedly god doesn't give you more than you can handle... even if it doesn't feel that way sometimes. Even if your son is born with a heart problem, things will be ok. :)

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im so sorry your going through this. my brother was born prematuerely with a hole in his heart, they told my mom they wouldn;t be able to fix it until he was old enough to survive the surgery. (think he was around 7) otherwise he was very healthy, no other problems and they fixed him up like new when it came time for surgery. im pretty sure hes still got some limitations (which he doesnt follow but hes 22 right now, and hasnt had any problems since. hope this helps you calm down and try to relax. the best thing you can do is take care of yourself, so that your baby can take care of him. keep us posted and good luck!
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I'm so sorry.  I have friends that are having a little boy that has a tumor in his heart.  She is 30 weeks along.  They were moved to Germany where they have more advanced gadgets.  These don't always end tragically, you hear about success stories.  The doctors can do SO much for babies now.  I will pray for you.  I'm sorry :(
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It is well, there is absolutley nothing to diffiticult for God. Just focus on him, a friend of mine also had a baby boy 5 yrs ago with a hole in his heart. He will be 5 this month and so strong and healty. Try not to worry too much, its not good for you and the baby.
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I was born with a a few heart defects including a quarter-sized hole in the ventricular septum. Back in 1976 they waited until I was a year old to do surgery and I went into heart failure 6 times. They gave me a 20% chance to live and didn't think I'd grow normally.

33 years later my heart is completely healthy, I'm of average height, and have no limitations. =)

Try not to stress and trust in modern medicine and the doctors who can fix your baby up good as new.
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my son was born with a hole in his heart. i went and seen the cardiologist when he was about 6 months. they said everyone is born with a hole in their hearts. 1 out of 4 dont close up.
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I have a niece who was born with a congenitial heart defect.  She had open heart surgery at 4 mths to widen her valves. Although this is different from your diagnosis, please know that young children heal very quick and if surgery is required, I am sure all would work out.
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my son is 5 and currently seeing a cardio for multiple reasons, one being a murmur (Patent Foramen Ovale). All babies have a murmur, some close when they are born and others do not. it doesnt not bother him, but it is monitored. Best of luck!
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Thanks for the knowledge and advice!!! <3
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I don't believe in god but I do believe in doctors, and I'm sure if he does have a hole, they'll do everything in THEIR power, to fix it.

But some encouraging words for you...
My husband was born with a hole in one of his lungs. They detected it while he was still in the womb and ultrasounds showed after he was born that the hole had healed itself.
Hopefully your baby will go in the same direction.
My husband now, although he has asthma, is perfectly healthy.
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